Festival Feel Good Essentials!

Festival Feel Good Essentials!

Festivals aren’t all just glitter and hotpants - for every night of partying, we have to deal with the dreaded hangover. And the only thing worse than being hungover is being hungover in a tent... being stuck on the festival site for 3 or 4 days also means you’re likely to be buying overpriced junk food too, which can leave you feeling bloated, constipated or generally run down. Lack of access to proper washing facilities means you most likely won’t be able to perform your usual skincare and wellness routines, which, combined with the alcohol and junk food, is a breakout waiting to happen.

So how can you enjoy all the fun of a festival while still feeling your best self? Our list of feel-good essentials is all the kit you need to bouji-fy your experience, plus this slimmed down toolkit won’t be a burden to carry across car parks and campsites.

1. Sleep Mask and Earplugs

Sleep is key to our health and wellbeing, but festival campsites are not exactly peaceful. Block out the noise and the early morning sunlight with a SMUG sleep mask and memory foam earplugs set. Perfectly portable and kind to your hair and skin, because festivals are rough enough on your body as it is!

2. Vitamin C Tablets

Effervescent vitamin C tablets dissolved in cold water are the ultimate morning refreshment after a heavy night. Rehydrate while you enjoy the benefits of boosted energy levels, stronger immune system and clearer skin. All you need to do is add water!

3. Water Wipes

99% water wipes can usually be found in the baby care section of supermarkets and are a better option for festivals than makeup wipes. With no added chemicals you can use them not only on your face but all over your body (especially your intimate parts!) without risk of irritation. Because there’s nothing quite like being clean down there...

4. Dried Fruit

Supplement the chips and burgers with something a little more nutritious. Dried fruit is the best option as it won’t go off even if you leave it in a hot tent all weekend, but it’ll still give your vitamin levels a little lift. Fruits like apricots, raisins and dates are packed with fibre and can help if you’re feeling a bit constipated by your mostly-carbohydrate festival diet.

5. Face Mask

Picture the scene: You wake up the morning after a big night, desperate for the toilet but feeling very fragile. You’re filled with a sense of dread by your impending visit to the portaloos, and terrified of what you might encounter there. Our solution: Pack a covid-era style face mask in your bag (bonus points if it's reusable and has a jazzy pattern on) and spritz the inside with perfume before you head to the toilet block. It might not be a VIP experience, but it will smell like one.

6. Bare Skincare Necessities: Cleansing Lotion and Mist Toner

If you’re only going to take two skincare products, make it these. A cleansing lotion will remove makeup and dirt build up while hydrating your skin, so there's no need to bring an extra bottle of moisturiser. A spray on toner is super easy to apply with no need for a mirror or cotton wool pads which soak up half the product.

7. Collapsible Water Bottle

Perfect for staying hydrated while dancing in the sun, quenching your thirst when you wake and then folding away into your bumbag ready to refill on site. Check out the SMUG collapsible bottle with a huge capacity (600ml) for a bottle that folds down to 7x11cm!

Happy festival season to everyone and remember...don't do anything we wouldn't do ;)

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