Waist Trainer Belt

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If you're looking to lose a few inches off your waistline, look no further than the SMUG waist trainer belt! Simply combine with regular workouts and/or daily exercise for that toned flat tummy you've always dreamed of.

Made from an extremely high-quality, soft, stretchy neoprene fabric, this amazing belt provides comfortable compression to your core whilst increasing body heat to maximise fat burning.

Not only great for accelerating weight loss whilst running, working out, during yoga, and lots of other fitness activities, the waist trainer belt is also great for toning your stomach post-pregnancy. For those with back problems, it provides valuable support to your lower back and improves posture.

Available in three sizes, the adjustable velcro allows you to find the perfect fit every time. A series of ventilation holes in the belt provide breathability allowing for continual comfort during prolonged use.

There's even a pocket to store your mobile phone!

Colour: black

Material: 35% nylon & 65% SBR

Measurements (full-length): small 35 inches, medium 40 inches, large 44 inches.
Measurements (compact): small 7.4 inches, medium 8 inches, large 9 inches.