Waist Trainer Belt

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The SMUG waist trainer belt is perfect for wear during regular workouts and daily exercise, to aid in weight loss and accentuate your waist, helping give you that desired hourglass figure.

Made from an extremely high-quality, soft, stretchy neoprene style fabric, this amazing belt provides comfortable compression to your core whilst increasing body heat to maximise fat burning.

When wearing a waist trainer belt, comfort is key! This belt has been designed to provide breathability, allowing for continual comfort during prolonged use. There’s even a pocket for you to easily store your phone, bonus!

  • Accelerates weight loss when worn during fitness activities
  • Great for toning the stomach post-pregnancy
  • Provides valuable support for your lower back
  • Improves posture
  • Adjustable velcro allows you to find the perfect fit, every time!
  • Available in three sizes

Colour: black

full-length = small 90cm, medium 102cm, large 112cm 
compact = small 19cm, medium 20cm, large 23cm