Everything You Need To Know About Medication-Free Migraine Relief

Everything You Need To Know About Medication-Free Migraine Relief

Trying to find migraine relief without the use of medication but with all-natural techniques might seem like a tall order considering the violent nature of this condition, but the light at the end of the tunnel is actually closer than you think. 

Migraines are painful business; headache’s distant cousin with a vendetta for your peace, health and well-being. And there’s no doubt of the condition’s debilitating nature, which usually reaches full force right at the most inconvenient moment. 

Big pain needs an even bigger remedy. And while we do live in the luxury of the 21st century with all of the marvels of modern medicine, a medicated solution isn’t always the most effective. 

Whether your migraine experience is chronic or once in a blue moon, fleeting or full of furry, join us as we ease the devil’s strain with some of nature’s more homeopathic remedies.

Inside the migraine mayhem
Migraines strike so suddenly that no one can see them coming, let alone where they’re coming from. And although the exact cause of migraines is still not yet fully understood, there are a lot of things happening inside the head that do a lot to stoke the fires of pain. 

Despite all doubts, there isn’t a tiny drill chiselling away at every corner of the head during a migraine. The pain actually comes from five different things happening all at once. 

The brainstem, which is found at the base of the brain, is usually responsible for processing pain, but it’s also here where the migraine begins, igniting hyper nerve sensitivity across the brain and down the face’s central trigeminal nerve.

The nervous system is responsible for sending lots of messages from the brain to the rest of the body. Migraines have been observed during an imbalance of the neurotransmitters that act as chemical messengers to the brain. Among these is the happy hormone serotonin, and low levels of this can trigger the release of chemicals that transmit pain signals and heighten inflation. 

And then there’s vasodilation, which is when the brain’s many, many blood vessels all begin to expand and contract, causing the vessel walls to become stretched and irritated. 

This is what happens on a biological level, but why these all come together to act as they do remains somewhat of a medical mystery. Here is what we know about their triggers. 

Like a switch
What’s the cause of migraines and why do some people get them more often than others? Unlike other types of illness, we don’t have a clear answer for this. 

However, what we do know is that there are lots of different triggers that vary from person to person. Chief among the facts is that migraines are genetic and that it’s very common for them to run in the family. 

They can be set off by both internal and external factors. As we mentioned, hormones play a big role in why they happen, which is why hormonal changes during things like pregnancy are enough to tip the first domino. 

However, the truth is that anything can be a trigger. Maybe it’s a certain type of food for some, like caffeine, or a downward turn in sleeping patterns for others. There are also sensory stimuli like bright lights, loud noises and stress, while even exercise and weather changes are enough to bring them on. 

When a trigger triggers, the first and perhaps most obvious source of relief would be over-the-counter medication. And although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with pursuing this solution in the pain of the moment, there are some things to note. 

Medication will only take you so far down the path of recovery when it comes to migraines, not to mention the common side effects of nausea and drowsiness. There’s also the risk that overuse of medications, particularly pain-relievers, can induce a migraine rebound effect, causing the experience to become more frequent and worse over time.  

And of course, some look to approach self-case through non-pharmaceutical means out of a personal preference, and they’ll be happy to discover that there are a wide variety of tips and techniques that have been proven to provide relief to the dreaded migraine. 

Relieving a migraine without medication
When a migraine strikes and you’ve put your cards down on the homoeopathic alternative remedy, there are a couple of really good places you can start. 

Firstly, try to identify the trigger and remove yourself from its presence. If one can’t be clearly identified, always try to position yourself in the calmest, darkest and most isolated environment possible, so long as it’s comfortable. 

In terms of a solution that doesn’t depend on over-the-counter medications, here are the five we swear by:

  • Hot/cold compression - Place a hot or cold compression on your head and let it hug the migraine away. In terms of your toolkit for this, we’d definitely recommend this Deep Pressure Therapy Eye Mask and Soothing Body Wrap duo. Make it cold to numb pain and ease inflammation, or turn up the heat to relax strained muscles, whichever feels more soothing to you. 
  • Put on the pressure - Self-massage is an ancient technique that’s able to cure all sorts of bodily ailments if applied in the right places. Migraines are no exception to this rule. For example, activating the LI4, between the thumb and index finger, or the GB20 point at the base of the skull, with firm, circular pressure will quickly alleviate migraine pain, and it’s easy to do with these Hand Therapy Massage Balls.
  • Shut out the light - Darkness is every migraine sufferer’s best friend. Perhaps this is because it’s the exact opposite of one of the worst triggers. And believe us when we say that it doesn’t get any darker than when wearing one of these Contoured 3D Blackout Sleep Masks. They’re the solution for instant darkness and thus a fantastic natural remedy for migraines. 
  • A breath of life - Regulating breathing is a really reliable way to restore that sense of control that migraines so easily take away. Not only this, but even the simplest breathing techniques heavily promote deep muscle relaxation and can quickly ease the physical strain of the symptoms. Learn about some of our favourite techniques here
  • Stay hydrated - Above all, it’s important to remember that no matter how terrible they appear, migraines are still a form of headache. And what causes headaches? Dehydration! Migraines themselves are very closely interlinked with a lack of water intake, and this snazzy Collapsable Water Bottle is a clever and convenient way to keep your hydration levels high throughout the day. 

While a combination of these techniques forms a surefire way to stem the sting of migraines without medication, it’s also important to take into consideration the lifestyle habits and settings that make them necessary life tips in the first place.

Take note of your triggers, implement long-lasting changes to stamp them out, and never be afraid to consult a healthcare specialist if your migraines are making your life mayhem.

Here at SMUG, we’ve always championed the body’s natural healing system, and we’ve spent years facing life’s pain and finding solutions in its processes. Discover our highway to healing, including many of the helpers we’ve mentioned above, by taking a trip to our home site here

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