Breast Support Band - Black

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SMUG's breast support band provides increased breast support for women during high-impact activities.

Workout, go running, and play sports with complete confidence using this ultra-supportive fitness accessory that comfortably restricts breast movement far more effectively than a sports bra.

This game-changing band can be worn with your existing sports bra, either on top or underneath. Your sports bra will provide uplift, whilst the support band provides compression from the top of your breasts to prevent vertical and lateral movement. 

Colour: black

Material: 41.6% Nylon, 37.7% Elastomer, 20.7% Polyester 

Please note, we do not advise using the band while breastfeeding due to the compressive nature of the fabric. Although the band is designed to sit just above the breasts medical advice is that compression of the whole chest area is not advised during breastfeeding.