Looped Resistance Band & Bag Set

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Add resistance to your workout and strive for progress!

Whatever your fitness goal may be, to strengthen your core, tone your arms or simply increase the difficulty of your home workouts, our looped resistance bands have got you covered.

This superset.. (see what we did there?) comes in a variety of resistance levels, colour-coded from extra-light to extra-heavy.
Our bands are extremely durable and can be added to any exercise, making them perfect for any workout, wherever you are! Gym? At home? In a hotel? On the beach?! No problem!

Bundle your bands up in the black canvas bag included with our set, and be on your way to crushing your fitness goals!

Resistance levels:

Yellow = x-light, 2kg

Mint = light, 5kg

Pink = medium, 7 - 9kg

Grey = heavy, 11 - 18kg

Black = x-heavy,  16 - 18kg