Blissful Sleep Gift Set - Animal Print

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Sleep in blissful comfort with this fabulous set. SAVE £18 compared to buying the same six items separately (RRP £60).

Satin Sleep Mask - Animal Print
Known to provide benefits to both hair and skin, the amazingly soft material reduces friction and helps to diminish facial lines and wrinkles.

Contoured Sleep Mask - Black
Specifically designed to block out any unwanted light, giving the best possible sleep time to invigorate, restore, and repair. With a unique contoured dome design, the SMUG blackout mask leaves space around the eye area removing any disturbance or friction caused by the rapid eye movement sleep phase making it completely "Eyelash Friendly".

Hair Scrunchies - Animal Print & Black
Keep your hair tied back and snag-free with these premium hair accessories. Made from a soft, non-slip material, these scrunchies will make a cute addition to your hairstyle.

Accessory Bag - Animal Print
Plenty of room for carrying all your make-up, beauty, or fitness accessories. Made from high-quality cotton, this gorgeous bag has a robust zip for keeping your belongings securely tucked away.

Memory Foam Earplugs (5 pairs) - Black
Wonderfully soft bright pink memory foam earplugs that adapt and mould to your individual ear shape. These memory foam noise cancellers are the essential bedtime accessory for a noise-free sleep.