Time Management 101

Time Management 101

Do you ever feel like you’re behind on a million things despite being busy around the clock? Many of us do. A hectic schedule can get the better of us, and sometimes it feels impossible to claw back control. Take a minute. Breathe. Make a cup of tea and read these top tips on how successful people de-clutter their livelihoods and, well, succeed.



Always think one day ahead.

Whether it’s rushing around in the morning to conjure up an outfit combination or wandering around in circles at the supermarket, most of us are culprits of poor planning. We’ve been taught ever since our school days to plan a night ahead. The advice might seem tired, but it’s essential for time conservation. It’s far easier to leisurely pack a bag the evening before than it is to scramble around ten minutes after you ought to have left the house. Show a little love to your tomorrow-self. Be prepared.


Learn to say no.

Many of us battle with the fear of letting others down. When asked to go out for drinks or do a friend a favour, the thought of saying ‘no’ is unimaginable. However, try to think back to the last person who said no to you. If Jenny told you she was behind on work when you asked her out to drinks, would you be offended? I think not. We all need to learn to prioritise ourselves. Sometimes that means catching up with laundry rather than a lunch date. Most of us know what we need to take care of in order to be stress-free and happy. We just need to learn how to put it into practice.


Don’t let things pile up.

It’s all too easy to open and email and decide to reply later. But all too often we forget until we have a dozen emails we need to address. Save yourself the inevitable stress that follows putting something off. If you learn to tackle every task as it comes, there’ll never be a backlog. Sign the permission slip the moment you’re given it. Hang the washing on the line as soon as it’s done. Wash up the dishes after each meal.


Keep a diary.

You’re only human. With a busy schedule it’s impossible to remember where to be and when. Rather than rack your brains for a vague memory of somewhere you’re supposed to be, save yourself the time and make a note of it in a day-by-day organiser. You can write up your weekly and monthly goals, keep on top of shopping lists and keep track of your schedule. Make your organiser your bible and abide by it.



These habits don’t manifest overnight. You need to remind yourself often to practice them. But eventually, you will find them slip into your thought process. It’ll be second nature to prioritise, act fast, and conserve crucial time. The best way to ensure that you stick to these productivity tips is to fill your newfound spare time with the things you love. Spend more time with family, take up a neglected hobby, just do you boo!

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