SMUG Celebrates Their First Annual Sleep Month!

SMUG Celebrates Their First Annual Sleep Month!

The precarious nature of sleep balances between our surroundings and our inner intuition. But when an aspect of this relationship changes, with the emergence of a new season for example, our time in the clouds can begin to lose its footing; sending both our physical and mental health into a free-fall. And so, to solemnise the shift this time of year brings to our dreams, snooze- specialists SMUG have dedicated October as their new annual Sleep Month; remembering the importance of sleep, and how the experience of it can be greatly improved. Here’s some things you can do to make sure your sleep remains uninterrupted during the changing season:

  1. Snooze You Lose - When the clock strikes 2am on the 25th of October, the world will enjoy perhaps our favourite odd quirk of BST; being that we’ll be granted a valuable extra hour! But as most are quick to spend their winnings on more time in bed,
    we’d like to advise against this practice. This is because there

    is a strong correlation between receiving excessive amounts of sleep, and the development of medical problems such as Heart Disease, Diabetes, Depression and prolonged fatigue.

  2. Out with the Old - Since the environment outside is due to drastically evolve over the coming weeks, so too should your environment inside. As the weather becomes colder, allow an opportunity for your surroundings to accommodate such a change. This could come in the form of a new pair of bedsheets, a fresh throw, or a thicker nighttime attire to keep warm. Allow yourself to change with the season, rather than fighting against it.

  3. Bathe in Sunlight - To maintain optimal mental health, and in most cases of physical health too, it’s within your best interest to make the most of the sunlight hours. Whether this productivity takes on the form of exercise, a meeting with friends, or just a simple brisk walk around the neighbourhood, exposure to fresh air whilst the sun is high in the sky will whisk away many of those unwanted cobwebs; clearing your mind and mood in the process.

  4. Keep a Bedtime - With each night becoming longer than the last, it becomes increasingly difficult to pinpoint a bedtime. Naturally, when the sun goes down, the human body is miraculously programmed to expect sleep with the onset of darkness; but when this happens at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, following the rhythm of nature becomes a little more difficult. However, it’s of paramount importance that you keep your sleeping routine to military timing; even if you’re falling asleep and waking up in total darkness. Your sleep loves a routine, and if properly followed, it will love you right back.

  5. Revise Bad Habits - We might be indoors for a lot of this month, but maybe it’s time to really hit home. By this, we’re referring to the bad habits that everyone has hiding under their pillow; the habits you know are exhausting both your mental and physical wellbeing. Whether they’re keeping you awake at night, or dead on your feet during the day, there’s no time like October to see your unwanted habits become oct-over. Remember, it’s never too late to start again.

SMUG couldn’t be happier to share these 5 top tips with their army of well-slept fans, as the perfect kick-start to their annual October Sleep Month celebrations.

But stay tuned, as the brand also have tons of guest bloggers, new product launches, exclusive offers and giveaways lined up as part of the party. More is to be announced in due course across their social platforms - @sleepsmug - and be sure to sign up to their mailing list so you are the first to hear about all Sleep Month related product launches and offers.

Sleep Month

So many exciting things to share in the coming weeks, but for now, sleep well, be happy and stay SMUG!

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