Our New Range is Ready to Pounce!

Our New Range is Ready to Pounce!

From Elizabeth Taylor’s famously wild wardrobe of Hollywood’s Golden Age, to Claudia Schiffer gracing the pages of US Vogue back in 1992, up to the very recent auctioning of Kate Moss’s iconic coat, one thing is clear: a leopard never changes its spots.

It’s rare for fabrics to speak for themselves, yet throughout its unrivalled appearance in the wardrobes of history, nothing has spoken louder than the leopard print. The singular ability to match any skin tone, outfit, or occasion has elevated this playful pattern to a legendary status. And it’s exactly why SMUG are such big fans of the look!

Standing shoulder to shoulder with some of fashion’s biggest names - recently partnering up with distribution giant PrettyLittleThing - sleepwear company SMUG have propelled themselves into the lives of many with their highly-acclaimed Contoured 3D Blackout Sleep Mask. But they could never settle for just making dream after dream come true, as the ever-expanding brand proved by combining practicality, durability and iconic style in the making of their highly sought-after Animal Print Accessory Bag.

Secured by a word-of-mouth reputation for highly developed, and boldly executed products, SMUG’s new addition will allow their customers to truly submerge Animal Print Accessory Bagthemselves in the exotic spots of the jungle cat. The Accessory Bag offers the ideal storage solution for make-up brushes and fitness gear, or as a matching thrill for your other leopard-print adorning SMUG products! SMUG are strong, and correct,

in the belief that you can never, ever have too make organisational helpers in your life!

The popularity of the eagerly-anticipated release only further cements leopard print at the forefront of public desire. This latest addition has allowed SMUG to reinstate the notion that sleepwear doesn’t need to be, nor should it ever be, boring or dull. What we wear is a reflexion of our personality. And just because your eyes are shut, and your body is at rest, it shouldn’t mean that your wild side isn’t ready to roar!

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