Shower & Spa Set - Candy Shop Print

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The perfect pampering set. Includes luxury shower cap, reusable bamboo cleanse pads, and spa headbands set.

SAVE £10 compared to buying the same three items separately (RRP £34):

Luxury Shower Cap - Candy Shop Print
If you're into rocking protective hairstyles, extending the life of your curls, or maintaining that fresh blow-dry then you probably already know that a shower cap is an essential part of your routine but those who don't should never underestimate the usefulness of one!

Reusable Bamboo Cleanse Pads & Mesh Wash Bag
The makeup-removing pads that are kinder to your skin, and the environment! Our Bamboo Cleanse Pads are natural, reusable, biodegradable, chemical-free, and completely eco-friendly.

Spa Headbands Set - Black, White & Beige
Whether you are having an at home spa day with your favourite face mask, applying your makeup for a girls night out, or getting ready for your evening skin care routine, these super soft Spa Headbands have your hair covered (literally).