Hip & Booty Resistance Band & Bag Set

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Sculpt and strengthen your glutes, and get your lower-body workout game on!

Our hip & booty resistance bands will have you shaking your hips like Shakira, and her hips don't lie...

Made from high quality, non-slip fabric, these bands won't be found riding up or moving mid-workout (because we all know how annoying that is) and are kind to the skin, so you won't fall victim to the odd band pinching your legs!

This set contains three looped bands of varying resistance, colour coded from light to heavy to get you smiling from ear to ear and feeling amazing.

Use your bands for 20 minutes each day, and in as little as 30 days you will thank yourself, you’ve got this!

Resistance Levels:

Green = light, 6 to 11kg

Pink = medium, 11 to 16kg
Purple = heavy, 15 to 20kg