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The first step to a great day is a good night’s sleep, and that is exactly what our original contoured blackout sleep mask is designed to do, you might even call it your new best friend, it's that good!

Darkness is essential to sleep (the darker the better). Our mask blocks out any unwanted light, letting your body completely switch off, muscles relax and feelings of drowsiness increase, setting you up for the perfect night's sleep and giving your body a chance to revitalize, re-energize, restore and repair.

You’ll be jumping out of bed in the morning, ready to face the day (instead of snoozing your alarm three times and rolling back over with a sleepy sigh!)

SMUG sleep masks have been carefully curated to improve sleep quality and provide protection for your eyes, reducing skin fatigue, wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, and contribute to anti-ageing!

Our unique dome design leaves just the right amount of space around the eye area, removing any potential for disturbance or friction caused by rapid eye movement, making them completely eyelash friendly.

A better night's sleep leads to a happier, healthier you.

  • Perfect for home and travel
  • Adjustable fastening, one size fits all
  • Eyelash friendly
  • 100% light-blocking
  • Super-soft material

 Colour: white and pink striped print


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United Kingdom United Kingdom
Just Brilliant

The eye mask is completely black out, and amazing quality. I actually didn’t realise how good it was until I tried one of my old eye masks on, and never again will I sleep in those!! Not only are the contour eye masks blackout but they also leave space for your nose and eyelashes making your face not squished at all, which my old eye masks most definitely did not do. Very pleased with this product’s quality and its beautiful classy design⭐️

United Kingdom United Kingdom
Best eye mask I've ever bought

I've slept with an eyemask for years, but found that my (natural) lashes had become really flat & read that over time the pressure from standard eyemasks can change your lash growth. I think this affected mine more as my lashes are long. So I bought one of these & found that my lashes started to go back to normal after a month or so. I love these masks!

Georgette W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Brilliant Eye Mask

A really comfortable eye mask, which is completely blackout. It stays on all night and I’ve been sleeping much better since using it.

Kelly B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I can now finally lie in!!

Love, love, love, this!! I can now sleep in on weekends and feel like I am sleeping much better with this on. Very comfortable too and barely feel like I’m wearing it. Fab product!!