Wonder to Wander: Why You Should Fall in Love With Walking, Everyday


It’s the time of all times for walking, being outside and reconnecting with the reassuring feeling of nature and openness. 

For some, being outside means going for a long wander through the wilderness of the countryside with the wind in their hair, while others enjoy city surfing through the buzzing streets of their local neighbourhood, or maybe the ultimate destination is somewhere in between.

Wherever you’re going, going on-foot can only lead you to a range of different health benefits, and walking remains one of the most effective and simplest forms of self-care. 

Today we’re going to be lacing up our boots and embracing the great outdoors to explore what these health benefits are and why they’ll make you love walking even more:

1. Free travel

The ability to walk anywhere you want to is probably one of the biggest benefits of taking a walk. The best distances are always within walking distance, and as long as the path’s safe and clear, this really is a top option for travel.

The longest walkable path in the world, between the port town of Madagan in Russia’s far east to Cape Town on the southern tip of the African continent is a journey that measures an impressive 14,000 miles! So when you think of it like that, your footsteps could really lead you to any destination. 

2. It makes you sleep better 

Walking and exercise are really reliable ways to ensure the arrival of tiredness. Walking uses up energy, the lungs get introduced to fresh air while the mind and the senses process the ever-changing environment emerging around you. Even the briefest of walks have the ability to counteract the effects of insomnia, with each step contributing to the biological build-up of adenosine that induces deeper tiredness. 

All formats of exercise are essential for good quality sleep, and walking and its slightly faster cousin running are both good places to start. Discover how to put your best foot forward towards a more rewarding night’s rest here.

3. Accessible fitness 

There’s something undeniably off-putting about the aura of complex gym equipment, especially for those among us who are unfamiliar with features at the local gym. Although higher-level equipment can be an effective way to train specific muscle groups, their complexity (and cost) isn’t for everyone. 

For those looking for a more general approach to their fitness, it’s clear to see why walking is such a popular alternative. This is because, even by the smallest measures, walking offers a fantastically effective form of compound exercise, increasing activity across all muscle groups and at all levels within the body. 

4. Wise walking

A breath of fresh air does wonders, especially for the mind. And although it’s usually not advised to walk away from your problems, a quick journey outside will allow you to process thoughts in your mind with better damage control. Along with this, the exercise of walking promotes the body’s production of endorphins, inducing a deep sense of inner calm. Walking can also be a great social experience, being easy to share and interact with. 

And yet even mental health’s most complex forms share a common trait in common environments, in that, sometimes it’s a physical four-wall space that acts as a trigger. So whatever’s bringing you down, making you feel worried or anxious, always take it in your stride.

5. It’s great for the gut

As we mentioned before, walking is a brilliant form of compound exercise because it engages the entire range of the body. And at the core of this is the body’s gut, its central digestive system working away to balance hormones, deliver nutrition and begin the change of energy production. 

The physical motion of walking engages the abdomen muscles around this core area as a way to support the skeletal frame when it’s upright. The engaged abdomen muscles, alongside the forces of gravity, help soothe digestion, reduce bloating and better regulate bowel movements.

When it comes to getting about, there’s no better way to do it than with a walk. It’s of course impossible to list all the benefits of doing so without exceeding the screen time, but it’s also worth noting how vast they really are; from dispelling certain types of cancers and immunity to promoting longevity and conative function. 

SMUG’s walking essentials 

Walks can be short or long, planned out or spontaneous. But the most important thing to always remember the essentials. Now although there’s plenty that comes out of walking, a lot needs to go into it too. These SMUG walking essentials are a travel journey must: 

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Breast Support Band (For the ladies!) - The support tissues of the breasts, known as Cooper’s ligaments, come under great strain when it comes to walking. The downward force of gravity can make even high-intensity activities exhausting, let alone walking. This all-in-one breast support band has you covered, supporting you and your assets across new milestones.

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