5 Things You Can Do To Make Face Coverings More Effective

5 Things You Can Do To Make Face Coverings More Effective

Face coverings have now been a common occurrence throughout our daily lives for little under a year. Along with your keys, jacket and phone, it’s become an essential item that many wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without.

Of course, wearing one correctly over the nose and mouth plays an important role in preventing the transmission of Coronavirus, but what other things can we be doing to improve the effectiveness of face coverings?

  1. Keep Them Clean - If you’re sporting a fabric face covering, you can really maximise its effectiveness by washing it after every use. As recommended by the WHO, this is best achieved by machine washing with non-bio detergent at 60°C. The need for daily washing becomes super easy when you have a multipack of face coverings to hand!

  2. Change Them Regularly - The more often you wear your face covering, and the more often you wash it, the weaker its protective fibres become. If you can blow out a candle whilst wearing one, it’s time for a change. A good rule of thumb to remember is to update your collection every 30 days; it’ll keep them fresh, and you safe.

  3. Wear Them Securely - The elastic loops that hold the coverings tightly to the face can become strained and less effective over time; increasing the risk of transmission. But this common issue can be easily remedied by opting for face coverings that feature adjustable ear loops.

  4. Facial Hair Foe - Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but facial hair massively compromises the effectiveness of face coverings. This is because, even at a minimal level, the hair creates gaps between the covering, and prevents its proper sealing to the face. Keeping your face cleanly shaven will drastically reduce this issue.

  5. Store Them Safely - When you’re not wearing or washing your mask, you can greatly improve their effectiveness by storing them in a sealed bag; separately put away to lower the risk of recontamination from outside sources.

SMUG Printed Face Covering SetStopping the spread of Coronavirus is a communal effort that extends to everyone across the world, and by following these simple tips, you will allow your most important accessory to keep you, and those around you, safe as effectively as possible.

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