10 Things You Might Not Know About the SMUG Breast Support Band

10 Things You Might Not Know About the SMUG Breast Support Band

We’re extremely happy to announce the launch of one of our most ground-breaking products to date: introducing our SMUG Breast Support Band.  

The unique and dynamic design of this industry-leading breast support system delivers on various different fronts and addresses the litany of issues experienced by women all over the world who, until now, have struggled to find support that meets their specific needs.

In a welcomed turn away from the drawbacks of more traditional support systems, namely sharp wires and too many straps, the band’s distinctively simple approach to these problems is giving women and their breasts access to the support they deserve.   

Naturally, with such a new concept, there are going to be a lot of questions. So here today we’re sharing 10 things you might not know about the SMUG Breast Support Band.  

1. It sits above the breasts

Unlike other more basic breast support systems, the band sits above the breast rather than under them, applying compression directly to the main body of the breasts. The band then wraps around under the arms before the two ends meet around the back.  

The band doesn’t require a professional fitting, and its highly-calculated position ensures that the band is unable to ride up or slip down when it’s worn. From here, the band significantly reduces both the vertical and lateral movement of the breast tissue.

 2. It prevents excessive movements

The band supports the breasts and limits their movement during high-energy moments by delivering advanced compression technology. This means that when the band is worn, it keeps the breast close enough to the body that they’re unable to stray away and cause damage.

Not having to worry about breast support will put your body and mental health at ease, as although it’s delivering all-around support, the band has been specifically designed with comfort in mind, while it’s also extremely durable on a day-to-day basis.

 3. It’s super high impact 

Don’t be fooled by its seamless design, the SMUG Breast Support Band is packing some serious support. Back in the days before the band, sports that have a high impact on the breasts, like running, martial arts and rugby, didn’t get along so well with the support systems of the time. In the long term, this may have prevented many women from pursuing a sport they liked because the right breast support wasn’t available to them.


The band has become a necessity for all types of active women, everyone from high-performance athletes to casual runners in the park. This band is ready to pace with the lifestyle demands asked of a modern woman, and we’re totally here for it.

4. It can be worn when not exercising 

Even when looking beyond the sports arena, it’s difficult to escape the endless list of problems that bother the breasts on a daily basis. Even the most innocent of tasks, like climbing the stairs or lifting a heavy object, can place unnecessary and damaging strain on the supportive breast tissue.

Due to its highly comfortable and dynamic design, the band can be easily and discreetly worn whenever’s right. No longer will your daily comfort be disturbed by a rogue bosom. And when you feel ready to take it off, the support band can be conveniently folded away; ready for the next use.

 5. It’s easy to wash and maintain

The band is woven together with three of the world’s most intelligent fibres; the holy trinity of materials. Elastomer, polyester and a dash of nylon brings together a band that’s durable, practical and most importantly of all, easy and simple to maintain.  

To do this, we’d recommend a 10-minute hand wash with a small amount of delicate detergent. The heat from a washing machine can easily misshape its form and dry out its elastic, which won’t do any favours in the long term. After a thorough rinse, the band with be ready to dry. Leave it on the line to drip-dry, following this process every week.

 6. It stops the breasts from sagging 

The breast tissue is supported internally by what’s known as Cooper’s ligaments. These ligaments are found just under the skin, as well as through the entire breast tissue. With age and time, these ligaments begin to weaken, holding up less and less of the breast tissue. It’s this process that causes the breasts to droop.

Unfortunately, when the breasts experience excessive long-term force, like that of gravity, the weakening of the Cooper’s ligaments can be accelerated prematurely. The band slows this process significantly by delivering accessible, high-quality support and stalling the onset of sagging breasts. 

 7. It's customisable

Each and every pair of breasts is unique. Small or large, the necessity of having the right support can never be overstated. But what we noticed was a massive gap in the market for one solution that could solve everyone’s problems.  

SMUG’s Breast Support Band comes in three different sizes: small (90cm), medium (100cm) and large (130cm). While this ensures that every pair has a band that fits, we’ve gone one step further to make this a truly unique solution. The only clasp on the band, the one that sits against the back, is entirely velcro, allowing total adjustability, sizing, strength and zero slipping.

 8. It supports your back 

The experience of unsupported breasts wreaks havoc on the back, shoulder and neck muscles that intervene to offset the imbalance. Larger breasts particularly have a habit of drawing the shoulders forward and placing unwanted pressure on the curvature of the spine. Over time, such a position can cultivate some really negative effects on your posture and health.

While the band leads the industry with its revolutionary breast compression technology, it’s also applying the same level of support to the spine, right in the middle of where it needs it the most. This alignment promotes the body’s natural position and encourages flexibility and mobility.

 9. It can be worn to sleep 

Even when the body’s motionless the breasts’ Cooper’s ligaments can still encounter strain, and this happens most often when we’re asleep. Finding the right sleep position for breasts is tricky no matter the size, and breasts play a big part in the overall experience of a woman’s sleep.

The band’s intelligent design has allowed it maximum breathability, and although it works excellently at catering for high-impact movements and motions, it also works just as well when keeping the breasts close to the body during the night. This is an absolute must-try for any woman who feels like they’re struggling to sleep well.

 9. It collaborates really well 

The SMUG Breast Support Band is both a team player and a standout star. It can be worn both under and on top of clothing according to comfort and preference. The band isn’t here to win the battle against the support disadvantages of traditional bra systems, it’s here to win the war against breast pains and strains.  

For this reason, we’ve designed a product that works with whatever you’re wearing. The band can be worn by itself or over a sports bra; in every instance, it’s able to apply the best level of compression to support the breasts without having to compromise on the wearer’s personal preferences.  

Find out more about the industry’s leading breast support band, and why it’s here to transform breast support for women all over the world, by visiting here.

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