Luxury Shower Cap - Palm Print

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If you're into rocking protective hairstyles, extending the life of your curls, or maintaining that fresh blow-dry then you probably already know that a shower cap is an essential part of your routine but those who don't should never underestimate the usefulness of one!

It is time to elevate shower time with this secret weapon for helping to maintain your hairstyle, tame frizz, and block humidity when it's not a hair wash day.

Our fun and stylish caps are accommodating to all head sizes, the cute frill will help to keep water from splashing onto your face while keeping your locks in tip-top, moisture-free, condition.

Say au revoir to the single-use, 'bonnet de douche', and hello to our much cuter and more sustainable shower accessory.   

Material: 100% polyester

Colour: green and pink palm tree leaf print