Will Lavender Really Help Me Sleep?

Will Lavender Really Help Me Sleep?

If your insomnia has you dreading your daily approach to sleep, you’re probably more than familiar with the range of readily available antidotes that claim to fight against such an awful experience. Sure, some may be found behind a counter, and some may be of your own making, but if there’s one that has repeatedly stood the test of time, it has to be lavender.

Lavender Flowers

This evergreen plant grows in regular abundance throughout gardens around the world, most notably in those of North Africa, the Mediterranean, the United States and the UK. Though its purple flowers are unmistakable in their beauty, few are fully aware of the otherworldly benefits lavender holds in store for your slumber. And it doesn’t just stop there, which is why we would like to use this opportunity to fully digest the perks of this powerful plant:

  1. Feeling Anxious? - The number one catalyst of a sleepless night is inarguably anxiety, so it comes greatly welcomed to learn that lavender has been routinely documented for its strong anxiolytic properties. When standing side by side with its medical anxiety-reducing counterpart, known commonly as Diazepam, lavender has demonstrated its equal, if not superior, ability in reducing not only the likes of anxiety, but the symptoms of depression too. As natures kindest sedative, you’ll experience the calming, relaxing benefits of lavender in their prime if you submit to the process of scented aromatherapy; especially if you’re on the gentle cusp of falling asleep.

  2. Quiet Thoughts - Lavender doesn’t just look pretty, it smells great too. And this wonderful attribute can be accredited to the fact that the plant is packed full with a type of terpene alcohol called Linalool. Despite its amusing name, Linalool boasts a full range of incredible benefits, chief amongst them being in its amazing ability to interact with the neurotransmitters in our brain called gamma aminobutyric acid - or GABA for short! This meeting has been famously documented for being able to effortlessly, almost instantly, place the mind at ease. But this is the important part, this interaction is best made via the olfactory neurone transmitters found only in the nose, so for peace of mind, you’re far better off inhaling Linalool than you ever would be by just ingesting it.

  3. No Time For Pain - For as long as lavender has been a native feature in our landscapes, there has been an eager interest in the analgesic properties of the plant. And for just as long, there has remained an all too strong correlation between the physical manifestation of pain and sleep - or lack there of - so a combination of the two could only be an inevitable occurrence. As Mother Nature’s favourite anodyne, lavender helps to relieve the symptoms of pain in very much the same way as it helps to calm the mind; with the help of the beloved terpene alcohol, Linalool. See, this wonderful ingredient doesn’t just help to lift the dark clouds of the mind, it’s also extremely capable of soothing the sensation of pain through the temporary sedation of the nervous system.

  1. Regulates Inflammation - Inflammation and sleep are two of the most complicated, yet closely interlinked, processes of the human body. You see, inflammation is part of the body’s natural protective protocol to prevent harmful foreign pathogens from entering your immune system. The likes of bacteria, viruses and toxins have all met their match when brought face to face with the healing benefits of inflammation, and the body will present signs of this process accordingly, through the manifestation of physical symptoms such as redness, fever, pain, stiffness and fatigue. But occasionally, our trusted immune system is capable of misfiring, triggering a misguided fighting response, despite the fact that no foreign pathogens may be present. The result of this is commonly known as Autoimmune Disease, and although it can garner the likes of sleep-depriving illnesses such as Lupus, Arthritis and Sclerosis, it can also harbour an environment for potentially life-threatening diseases to flourish; including Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer. But the causes of chronic inflammation run much deeper, and it is within its own regulation that it comes to a crossroads with our sleep. Our sleeping pattern owes much of its biological success to our circadian rhythms, which regulates the levels of hormones and physiological chemicals within our system that help us to sleep. But who else shares the pathways of our treasured circadian rhythms? The immune system of course. So naturally, when that’s disrupted and causes excessive inflammation, our sleeping pattern is disrupted too. But like a knight in shining armour, lavender and its extraordinary benefits are here to save the day! And from its sheathe it draws life-affirming Linalool, which battles with excessive inflammation by lowering the heart rate, reducing blood pressure, and setting the immune system back on a healthy, regulated track. And when your inflammation is back in check, it’s likely that your sleeping pattern will head very much the same way too!

  2. Success by Association - Just as we associate our bed with our slumber, so too can a bridge be formed between deep sleep, and the regular aroma of lavender. If you were, for example, to spray your nighttime neighbours with a soothing lavender scent, not only would you be placing your entire body at ease at just the right time, but regular exposure to the smell would cultivate a strong correlation between itself, and your own highly delicate preparations for a night of fully undisturbed rest. And this phenomenon of the brain is by no means limited to when the sun goes down, as in fact, you can exploit such benefits whenever and wherever your sleep demands. Of course, lavender is just one in an entire library of natural scents that are capable of aiding your sleep, but as studies strongly suggest, our purple-flowered deity is by far the most powerful in this respect.

We do hope that our investigation into lavender has helped arouse your interest into this amazing aroma; and how exactly it works wonders for your sleep. It certainly did for us, which is why we flew up from our beds and ran directly to our design table, to put together a product that could yield such benefits. We’d very much like to introduce the latest member of our sleep-inducing family of products: SMUG’s Lavender Pillow Spray! Creating an ideal sleep oasis is our speciality after all, and we’re so happy to finally be able to bring such benefits to our happy customers; for whom lavender’s luscious scent has never felt so soothing!

Lavender Pillow Spray

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