What’s Under SMUG’s Christmas Tree This Year? Unwrapping Our Favourite Stocking Fillers

What’s Under SMUG’s Christmas Tree This Year? Unwrapping Our Favourite Stocking Fillers

In just a couple weeks' time, Santa’s sleigh will be whizzing through the winter night sky, brimming with gifts from SMUG’s highly-anticipated Christmas Collection.

But what have the elves at the North Pole been busy creating in their workshop? Here we’re going to unwrap some of our favourites from the collection, including our festive stocking fillers, gifts for friends and even a treat for yourself!

And so with the first snow of Christmas already falling, let’s glide away into this year’s must-have products:

The Candy Cane Christmas Gift Set

When in doubt about what to get that special someone, always go with the all-time favourites, and boy does our most festive gift set have it all!

As the shining star atop the SMUG tree, this gift set is the centrepiece of our Christmas Collection this year and contains all our best-sellers adorned with our iconic candy cane design. 

Our Christmas Gift Set this year includes:

  • Contoured Sleep Mask - this award-winning mask is all you’ll ever need to sleep in total, undisturbed darkness.
  • Pillow Spray (75ml) - this lavender-scented sleep spray induces a deep and relaxing sense of calm just before a good night’s rest.
  • Hair Scrunchie - This festive hair-kind scrunchy works for any occasion, and it won’t leave your hair feeling damaged or dry.
  • Accessories Bag - The collection is brought together perfectly in this all-in-one hold-all; doubling up as the essential accessory for make-up, loose items and sleep masks. 

The Hair Scrunchie Christmas Bauble

Who says you can only find presents under the tree? This adorable Hair Scrunchies Christmas Bauble is bursting with festive joy, and should be hung on high the tree where it awaits to delight its recipient. 

The bauble contains three of our luxurious satin hair scrunchies in alternating shades of precious pink. Completed with a bow so merry, this gift is a quirky must-have for secret Santa, stocking fillers and small gift ideas. 

The Lemon Print Shower & Spa Set

We’re super excited to include this set in our collection this year, as it honours some of the most popular products we’ve released this year in the most wonderfully whacky way. Here the recipient of your generosity will indulge in true head-to-toe TLC.

Here’s what the set includes:

  • Luxury Lemon Print Shower Cap - This playful print is a bright addition to our haircare essentials range, and is a shower time must for anyone rocking protective hairstyles, maintaining a fresh blow-dry or extending the life of their curls.
  • Reusable Bamboo Cleanse Pads & Mesh Wash Bag - These skin-friendly, environmentally-kind cleansing pads are a staple of our skincare range, and make dermatology care much so much more simple. 
  • Spa Headbands Set - No spa set could ever be complete without complete haircare protection. These black, beige and white super soft headbands are the perfect pairing for a face mask application or an evening skincare routine. 

Also available in Cow Print and Candy Cane.

The Secret Santa Night Sky Contoured Sleep Mask & Pillow Spray Set 

This perfect pairing is just what you need for that last-minute secret Santa gift or stocking filler, and this duo is one of our favourites in this year’s Christmas Collection.

This is because it brings together two of the body’s most powerful responses to trigger deep, restorative sleep. The contoured 3D sleep mask is an award-winning SMUG staple, and not only protects the lashes with its unique domed design, but it also encourages the body to produce more sleep-inducing melatonin with its all-out blackout capabilities. 

Its funky facade is reminiscent of slumber under the stars of the twinkling wide night sky and is a perfect addition to your winter sleep wardrobe. 

Its partner, an adorable 75ml bottle of our Pillow Sleep Spray, is a wonder for the senses and lulls the body and its sleep surroundings into deep tranquillity with a natural aroma of lavender. Find out more about how this natural process works here.

This set is also available in playful Flamingo Martini and Christmas Candy Cane

Animal Print Chill & Unwind Gift Set

Getting a good night’s sleep is just wild, and as perhaps our most ferocious addition to our Christmas Collection this year, this set is just what you need to unwrap a wild side this year. 

Here’s what’s included:

  • Soothing Body Wrap - Whether heated or cooled, this animal print ensures sound sleep with its soothing approach to muscle care. Ideal for treating stress, tension, sports injuries, arthritis, rheumatism and migraines.  
  • Contoured Sleep Mask - Sleep like never before and experience the benefits of total darkness in a whole new light. The award-winning, industry-leading design of this unique sleep mask will gift benefits this Christmas that’ll last a lifetime. 
  • Hair Scrunchie - Bedhead is a tough ride for the hair, and untamed locks wake up to a nightmare in the morning. This sturdy and reliable haircare staple made from a soft, non-slip material was an obvious choice for a gift set of true TLC.
  • Accessories Bag - This trademark holdall brings together everything needed for the ultimate chill and unwind, and has plenty of additional room for make-up and sleep accessories. 

The Grey Satin Pillowcase, Sleep Mask & Hair Scrunchie Set 

You would not believe how much hydration is being robbed from your skin and your hair as you sleep, and is the number one culprit for frazzled locks and premature signs of ageing. This set, which includes a pillowcase, sleep mask and hair scrunchie all complete in grey satin, finally brings this hydration heist to an end. 

This is because, unlike satin, common bedtime materials like cotton suck hydration from anything it touches. And it spends eight close hours with the hair and the delicate skin around the eyes during the night. Find out more about SMUG’s satin secret here

The SMUG Pug Contoured 3D Blackout Sleep Mask

Our festive mascot returns for another year of limited-edition sleep masks, and we’re so excited to see this playful print under the Christmas tree again. Santa’s little helper adds a fresh merry twist to a mask that needs no introduction. 

Our 3D Contoured Sleep Mask is the stocking filler of sumptuous sleep, and delivers total full-angle darkness alongside full lash protection; putting the rest firmly back in restorative. 

Double up your gift with an even cuter bottle of our lavender sleep spray

Santa Crush Santa Sack

There aren’t enough arms in the whole of the North Pole to carry the entirety of our Christmas Collection, which is why we’ve got a special sack just for Santa himself. 

This 70cm x 48cm canvas drawstring sack was the perfect place for us to profess our love of Christmas and to the man himself, and is the ideal piece to have to hand when giving gifts of sleep this holiday season. 

Unwrap our full holiday collection for Christmas 2022 here. Merry Christmas!

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