Unwrapping SMUG’s Highly-Anticipated Christmas Collection

Unwrapping SMUG’s Highly-Anticipated Christmas Collection

With the big day just around the corner, we thought that it’s about high time that we give our brand spanking new SMUGmas Christmas collection the introduction it deserves. After many months in the works, filled with design after redesign after redesign, we finally managed to boil down the process to a collection of products that we absolutely love, and we can’t wait to share them with you!

So without any further ado, let’s unwrap our Christmas collection for 2021 one present at a time:

Santa Sack

As you’re probably aware, we have a massive crush on Santa, and we want the whole wide world to know! Rightfully imprinted with the catchy slogan ‘Santa Crush’, we wanted to create a handy holder like this that would be ideal for carrying larger than life gifts.

If you’ve got something like a Secret Santa coming up, or you’re arranging an unforgettable Christmas season for the little ones, this sack will more than make your Christmas merry!

But unfortunately guys, despite all that this festive bag of wonder has going for it, the stock for this one is extremely limited and we only have a set amount of them available; so please grab one while they last!

Pug Print Sleep Mask

If you wind your mind back to our high-spirited celebrations of last Christmas, you may recall that our entire collection featured a lovely little mascot called the SMUG Pug, you’ll most likely remember him for the little darling he was; no wonder everyone fell in love!

Well this year he’s back and more jolly than ever before, we just couldn’t spend the season without him. We’ve finished his new festive look with a completely fresh design to last year, and have printed his face in the only product we thought truly suitable: our classic 3D Contoured Blackout Sleep Mask.

After all, it was crowned sleep mask OF THE YEAR, and the SMUG Pug 2.0 deserves nothing less!

Hair Scrunchie Christmas Bauble

This holiday season, we’re going to party like it’s the 90s; without revealing our age! And to join us as we dance our way around the Christmas tree in a scene that can only be likened to if Santa met too much Baileys, we’ve designed what’s become one of our favourite items from the collection: a Hair Scrunchie Bauble!

You’ve got two for the price of one here, hang it pride of place atop the tree and your stunning decorations will soon be the talk of the town amongst your party guests, but open it up to unleash a blast from the past of when low-waisted jeans, Wonderwall, denim jackets and square-toed sabots were all the rage.

That’s right, a set of three satin, non-slip scrunchies in contrasting shades of pink will be yours to keep forever. So if you’re feeling like both your hair and your tree are one trick away from perfect, look no further; we got you.

Frosted Cherry Satin Sleep Mask

As a fun fact, if you’re ever struggling with insomnia or sleep problems, cherries will be able to come to your rescue. This is because they’re absolutely packed with a sleep-inducing hormone called melatonin, and when eaten in moderate quantities, they naturally cause the body to feel tired.

So as one of our favourite nighttime snacks to enjoy in the cold dark depths of winter, it’s no wonder the cherries made their way to the other thing that also helps us to sleep; our iconic Satin Sleep Mask.

It’s been a massive year for this product, we’re such proud parents at this point, and we thought we’d take the design into Christmas by adorning it with our very merry cherry design.

Red Velvet Lavender Sleep Spray

Another product, another massive year. Our Lavender Sleep Spray barely touched the shelves this year it was flying out of our hands so fast.

Having received so many wonderful reviews from customers who said how the spray, which is saturated with dreamy linalool, helped practically eradicate their nighttime restlessness, we went on to launch it’s travel size partner. And seeming how that addition garnered equal adoration, we just had to include it in this year’s sparkling Christmas collection.

The one that stars in the collection is the bigger size out of the two (75ml). And don’t worry, we didn’t want the spray to feel the nippy chill outside, so we gave it its very own gorgeous red velvet jacket!

This feature in our collection is an absolute must for things like stocking fillers or presents for friends and family that struggle with their sleep. 

Gold Satin Mask & Scrunchie Set

What’s Christmas without a touch of sparkle? We’ve played around with the design of our Satin Sleep Mask before, but we’ve never launched anything quite like this. Sleek, soft and with unrivalled levels of comfort, the satin coating on this mask helps to prevent the skin from experiencing acne and dryness, as well as stopping the formation of sleep wrinkles.

When worn, its plush design keeps out light, and they’re incredibly easy to wear to bed. We’ve paired up this golden number with its very own matching Hair Scrunchie; a dynamic combo that together champion hydration, comfort and Christmas. And it comes in a pair too, check out its red-handed partner in crime here.

Sweet Shop Satin Mask

Our conviction to Christmas confection! As another one of the newest designs to join our Satin Sleep Mask crew, this one’s bound to have you dreaming of the sweetest festive delights.

We just loved its striking striped design, it embodies the spirit of the season so well and we smile whenever we think of it. Get ready to unwrap clear skin, peaceful sleep and something to satisfy a sweet tooth this Christmas with this darling addition to our Christmas collection.

Candy Cane Accessories Bag

A mix between an insatiable desire for candy canes and a necessity for practical, sturdy storage, and voilà! We’re so happy that our accessories bag managed to make it to the party this year, and even more so that it arrived adorning a delicious new design.

This product is an absolute saviour when it comes to travelling around this Christmas, and is ideal if you need to easily store things like sleep masks, light gym equipment and make up accessories.

You can never, ever have too many bags, and even if you’re travelling light, always travel in style.

Night Sky Contoured Mask

It’s much too cold to sleep outside under the careful watch of the twinkling stars above, so we captured the wonder of all those stars and brought them onto our most astronomical mask yet.

That’s right, the star atop our Christmas tree this year just has to be this dearly beloved Night Sky 3D Contoured Sleep Mask. With a domed design that protects the eyelashes against dreaded breakages whilst also ensuring total undisturbed darkness whilst you sleep, it’s no wonder that this mask has been placed up high on wish lists this year.

Candy Cane Christmas Gift Set

And we finish with a bang! We really love putting products with other products that work well together, and there’s no time for a gift set quite like Christmas! What’s inside we hear you say?

Well amongst the merrymaking and fun festivities, you’ll find all the very best products from our Christmas collection, like our Candy Cane Contoured Sleep Mask, a bottle of heavenly-scented lavender Sleep Spray, a snag-free Hair Scrunchie and our highly-anticipated Candy Cane Accessories Bag to hold all of these matching goodies together.

If you’re looking to gift that special someone all the best benefits of our products through the very best products themselves, then this is what we’d absolutely recommend.

Please note: We do have luxury gift boxes available for all of our orders, and our shop completely supports no-fee payment plans through Klarna.

To see what else we’ve got waiting in Santa’s sleigh, view our entire Christmas collection here.

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