Top 10 Products We Are Definitely Packing This Summer

Top 10 Products We Are Definitely Packing This Summer

Summertime, and the living’s easy - well at least that’s what we’re hoping for! Our run-up to everyone’s favourite season wasn’t quite so sunny this year. The April showers couldn’t help but to spill over into May, the world remains in ever-bleak tandem, and foreign holiday hopes look none the wiser.

Yet our fingers are still crossed for summertime happiness, and while we wait for the clouds to clear and the weather to truly arrive, we’re sharing our top 10 favourite summer products that we’ll definitely be packing in our bag for our soon-to-be summer staycation.

1. Flat Lay Makeup/Wash Bag

Lay Makeup/Wash Bag Talking of packing our bags, and specifically when we’re packing the likes of makeup brushes, eyebrow pencils, earrings, necklaces, toiletries, and other important nic-nacs, nothing makes the travelling experience easier, more seamless or more stylish than our brand new Flat Lay Makeup/Wash Bag.

When packed away, the drawstring comes together to keep the contents safe and secure. And when it’s open, it opens out completely flat, allowing quick access to whatever’s inside. The bag also comes with two zipped compartments, and sports a fashionable-yet-sturdy wipeable lining. For anyone with a busy summer in their sights, this is absolutely the number one grab-and-go travel bag for you.

The design comes in both a champagne shade, and our cow print design. Shop for yours here:

2. Animal Print Satin Sleep Mask

Nothing brings down the swinging summer vibe quite like the cruel touch of fatigue, which is why to make the most of this year, we’re planning to catch as many winks as possible in between the gaps of our busy party schedule. What’s great about using sleep masks is that they allow you to sleep at pretty much anytime you want.

Want to shut out the early morning sun? Sleep mask. Quick nap on the lunch break? Sleep mask. And nothing screams party animal quite like our ferocious Animal Print Satin Sleep Mask. These masks have a super-soft finish to them, and their satin lining is really excellent at sweeping away the heat from the skin, as well as preventing the creation of wrinkles while you snooze. Looking for a face-loving, soft, wild, and sexy sleep mask this summer?

Look no further:

3. Collapsible Water Bottle

Summer means heat, and heat means hydration. It’s so important to keep yourself hydrated during the season, especially if you’re getting active, enjoying yourself, and spending lots of time outside. We never liked the idea of one-use plastic water bottles.

They’re toxic for the environment, and to be honest, we knew our customers deserved better. Designing something that was practical, leak-proof and innovative wasn’t easy, but the outcome of our work was this wonderful Collapsable Water Bottle. Made without the use of nasty plastic chemicals like BPA and PVC, this lightweight, easily portable bottle is able to hold up to 600ml of water, whilst also being able to collapse to a third of its original size when empty.

For anyone with workouts, holidays or camping on their summer to-do list, or really for anyone that just wants to stay hydrated, this Collapsible Water Bottle is all you need.

H2O like never before:

4. Hair Scrunchies

This iconic puffy hair accessory is perfect for tying together that total summer look. Because our design incorporates snag-free technology inside sleek non-slip material, the SMUG Hair Scrunchie not only works with any outfit, but it’s also extremely practical. What’s also worth noting about the design is that the material doesn’t absorb the hydration from your hair, which means you can look forward to frazzle-free hair all summer long.

Bring back the 90’s with the legendary Scrunchie:

5. Pilates Bar & Bag Set

We hope that like ours, your summer is going to be your most active yet. And we hope you’ll join us as we pick back up with pilates. Not only is the practice amazing for defining firmer glutes and leaner legs just in time for the summer heat, but it’ll also work every muscle in your core and boost healthy circulation. Our all-in one Pilates Bar, which comes complete with its very own shoulder travel bag, makes the practice of pilates both accessible and enjoyable, and we encourage everyone to begin at their own pace.

Summer body here we come - pre-order here:

6. Cow Print Contoured 3D Blackout Sleep Mask

We’re redefining what it means to be cool for the summer, with rested, glowing skin, and a pair of killer lashes. Our latest edition of the Sleep Mask everyone’s been dreaming about features our very own cow print design. We just loved the fun and striking vibe of the pattern, and ever since our original 3D collection was welcomed so warmly, we just knew the two belonged together!

And not only will you be the coolest kid on the block with SMUG’s latest design, but you can also rest easy knowing that your sleep won’t be disturbed by the early-rising summer sun, and that your morning won’t be ruined by broken disasters for lashes. This is because our 3D masks all feature total blackout technology, whilst their distinctive contoured design creates a safe space for your lashes whilst you snooze. To be honest, we wouldn’t want a summer to be any other way!

You better mooo-ve quickly, the Cow Print Contoured 3D Blackout Sleep Mask is flying off our shelves:

7. Animal Print Chill & Unwind Gift Set

We’re not even going to start on how stressful the past year has been. Any form of healthy living has gone straight out the window, with mental health making the first leap. But this summertime, we’re hoping to find that inner-peace again. We want fun, we want to chill, and we want it all, which is why right now, our Animal Print Chill & Unwind Gift Set just seems to make so much sense.

Completed with our Soothing Body Wrap, Contoured 3D Blackout Sleep Mask, Hair Scrunchie, and matching Accessory Bag - all in animal print - this darling collection does exactly what it says on the tin; provide a truly relaxing experience. Whether it’s for a soon-to-see friend, or just a well deserved present for yourself, this set is all you need to enjoy a completely stress-free summer.

Stress and tension who?

8. Waist Trainer Belt

Please believe the hype, because it’s absolutely true that waist training can offer tangible benefits towards waist transformations. There are many major misconceptions which still surround waist training belts, which is why we think the idea of utilising such support remains in the fog for some people.

But if you’re still not seeing the improvements you’d like to see in your tone, this product is absolutely worth your time. When worn during workouts, the waist trainer belt offers a comfortable level of compression to your core, aiding in the healthy and natural development of a flatter tummy and that enviable hourglass figure.

There’s no bone crushing, no organ squishing (pregnancy actually does way more internal shifting), and nothing to fear. Try the process out at your own speed, and we bet you’ll be sweetly surprised by the results. You’re only one decision away from the summer body you’ve always craved.

You can even wear one throughout the day too:

9. Skipping Rope & Bag Set

As part of a summer of getting healthy and shaping up, our Skipping Rope & Bag Set comes as the miracle worker you never knew you couldn’t live without. Even if it’s just for ten minutes a day, skipping offers some incredible benefits to both the body and mind, and they certainly need to be experienced to be believed.

Amongst these, skipping gives your cardiovascular framework everything it needs to pump fresh, oxygen-rich blood to every corner of the body. Enhancing this circulation will improve your heart’s performance in the long term; building stamina, and improving your overall performance across other activities too.

Available with either a black or bright pink finish, and completed with its very own matching SMUG canvas bag, get ready to skip your way to happiness this summer with us: skipping-rope-bag-fitness-set-black

10. Satin Sleep Mask, Hair Scrunchie & Pillowcase Set

The notorious humidity of a summer evening really spoil our attempts at scoring some quality sleep. Night after night we found ourselves sweltering in the heat, and the experience of sleep deprivation really takes its toll. This year, because we’re avoiding even the very mention of stress and restlessness, we plan to spend every second of summer slumber indulged in our smooth satin sleep set.

What’s really great about satin is that instead of absorbing heat, it whisks it far away. The material is therefore ideal at keeping cool during the hot summer nights; and as an added bonus, satin doesn’t absorb the moisture from the things it touches, which in this case is great news for your hair and skin! The collection brings together all our best-selling satin designs, including our Hair Scrunchie, Pillowcase, and iconic Sleep Mask.

Sleep cooler than cool when the heat hits this summer. Pick up the complete set here:

We hope you enjoyed this quintessential collection of must-have summertime SMUG products. Stay tuned on our socials - @sleepsmug - for many more new product launches and pre-orders that are due to arrive within the coming weeks; and of course, we invite you to seek out our entire collection here:

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