The Very Best Sleep-Inducing Seasonal Ingredients

The Very Best Sleep-Inducing Seasonal Ingredients

The relationship between what we eat and how we experience sleep is almost as mystifying as the act of sleep itself. Our nightly cycle isn’t just a one man show; in fact, it’s a precarious balancing act between hormones, nutrients, enzymes and other chemicals that together help regulate the pattern. And so in celebration of our annual October Sleep Month, and in line with the timely natural abundance of
the season, we’re biting into 5 of the best instinctively sleep-inducing seasonal ingredients that’ll be sure to send you swiftly off to a place in the clouds:

1. Walnuts - Aside from being the nut of your dreams, the nut-ritional benefits of walnuts are entirely capable of sending you briskly off to sleep. Amongst the 19 vital vitamins and minerals enclosed within its hard shell exterior, you’ll find the likes of magnesium, melatonin, serotonin and copper; enriching ingredients that are synonymous with promoting deep sleep. And as an added bonus, they’re great at lowering not only cholesterol levels, but also the potential for heart disease too. So it’s about high-time that a nutcracker became part of your nighttime routine!

2. Turkey - Feeling tired after your turkey dinner? There’s a perfectly good explanation for the sensation! Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving or a Christmas dinner, you’re probably unaware of just how incredible this poultry is for your sleep. Aside from being packed with protein, our feathered friend
boasts an impressive amount of the amazing amino acid tryptophan, which when consumed, promotes the production of everyone’s favourite sleep-inducing hormone: melatonin. So although it may not be an
everyday occurrence, try adding a couple of slices of turkey to your nighttime menu if you’re struggling to feel tired when the sun goes down.

3. Plums - This time of year always brings with it a plentiful supply of fresh plums. But in equal abundance is the fruit’s ample ability to drastically improve your sleep. Orbiting around its smooth centre stone, the fleshy goodness of plums is packed full with the likes of vitamin B6, magnesium and calcium; all quintessential ingredients in the production of melatonin. Enjoying a plum a night will garner serious benefits for your sleep cycle; so grab them fresh whilst you can!

4. Cabbage - Being low in sugar, high in fibre, and overflowing with vitamin K, is there anything this green machine can’t do? Being possibly the most accessible feature on our list, cabbage is crammed full with calcium, and aside from being a natural reliever of stress, ingesting this important mineral at such concentrated levels will heighten the amount of tryptophan in your bloodstream; in turn also sending your melatonin levels sky high. Our leafy friend holds so many amazing benefits, we can’t hype it up enough. But if you’re struggling with your sleep, cabbage is certainly the best place to start.

5. Cherries - And the cherry on top of our list goes to, you guessed it, cherries! And we’ve certainly saved
the very best till last. Small but mighty, cherries are a prime source of magnesium, potassium, and
phosphorus. But due to their exceptionally high levels of melatonin, alongside boasting enviously
powerful amounts of antioxidants, such as anthocyanin and flavonols, these little wonders have been
thoroughly documented in their amazing ability to not only induce sleepiness, but to relieve the dreaded
symptoms of insomnia too. Armed with a handful of cherries, you’ll never experience nighttime
restlessness quite the same again!

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So eat well, sleep better, and enjoy your most rested October yet!

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