The Ultimate Wellness Christmas Wish List 2022

The Ultimate Wellness Christmas Wish List 2022

There’s lots we’re looking forward to this winter season. We’ve got some fabulous new products in the pipeline, and some amazing giveaways and of course, what would Christmas be without a sale?

Whilst the elves at SMUG HQ are busy making merry with their latest designs and almost-palpable festive excitement, we’d like to just run through only a mere section of our somewhat modest Christmas wish list - Santa we hope you’re reading this!

Lavender Oil Body Wrap

It’s jack-frosty out there, and the only thing we want keeping us warm this year is this heavenly Body Wrap. It’s filled with heatable wheat, and is super easy to warm up on a cold and blustery winter’s night.

It’s anointed with genuine lavender oil, helping it to emit a calming aroma that easily sets the mind at ease. And you know what else it eases?

The Body Wrap is just fantastic for alleviating those tiresome muscle tensions and physical pains; we want to be dancing when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s!

Contoured 3D Blackout Sleep Mask

In at a very close second is this Contoured 3D Blackout Sleep Mask. Even though it’s getting dark quickly these days, Christmas can be a bright and luminous season; especially if you can see your neighbour’s outdoor Christmas light display from outer Space.

We strongly believe that the only thing that should awake you from your seasonal slumber is the sweet jingle of Santa’s sleigh, which is why these Contoured Sleep Masks with their eyelash-friendly design make just the best stocking idea - and they all come in a variety of darling designs!

Blue Light Glasses

Behind door number three awaits these wickedly stylist specs. Let there be no mistake, they’re not prescription lenses, but rather, a contemporary solution to sleep insomnia.

You see, the delicate sleep cycle is highly influenced by the increasingly digital lifestyle of today, because we’re exposing our eyes and our minds to an overabundance of blue light; an impediment to sleep that prevents the body from feeling naturally tired. Which is why blue light is very much on the naughty list this year, and these game-changing Blue Light Blocking Glasses are firmly on the nice list.

Tattoo Satin Sleep Mask

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me - one hell of
a stylish sleep mask! As sleep masks go, this one turned out to be a bit of a dark horse, and nobody could have anticipated quite how quickly its funky design would fly off the shelves. And not just on its looks either. The silky satin finish protects the complexion against nighttime wrinkles and acne, and helps to keep the skin cool during the night.

Santa, if you’re able to get your hands on this one quick enough, our skin would love you forever.

Hair Turban

We want our hair game to be as sleek as our jolly festive celebrations this Christmas, and since the health of the hair is at its most vulnerable when it’s wet and washed, we’ll be wishing for nothing less than this Reversible Quick Dry Hair Turban.

It’s designed with this really absorbent lining made from microfibre material, so it’s able to dry the hair really fast and easily; without slipping or coming undone! It’s the tangle-free hair wrap that everyone will want to be unwrapping this Christmas.

Lavender Pillow Spray

Yes, this is the sleep spray that all your friends have been raving about! Give your pillow a few gentle sprays of this natural lavender-infused remedy, and the linalool from the earthly lavender scent will send you fast asleep in no time, leaving you to celebrate Christmas and the arrival of the New Year without the feeling of fatigue.

A Pair of Satin Pillowcases

There’s no material that’s as kind to your skin as it is kind to the earth as smooth sleek satin. Its ability to be dermatology-friendly comes as a real bonus when you’re trying to score a night of peace for both your skin and your sleep.

The friction the skin experiences when it comes into contact with typical cotton sheets can leave it feeling charred and dry, and cotton is especially evil at stealing moisture and causing acne.

Satin pillowcases provide the perfect remedy to this, as they leave the moisture in the skin and hair; exactly where it needs to be! A set in pink and a set in grey please Santa!

The Blissful Sleep Gift Set

This next one we just had to hope for this Christmas because it’s
the perfect all-round stocking filler!

This Blissful Sleep Gift Set has been thoughtfully put together with not one, but two pairs of sleep masks (Satin and Contoured), a jazzy duo of super sleek hair scrunchies (snag-free of course), no less than 5 pairs of memory foam ear plugs, and a wildly fun and ferocious animal print Accessories Bag to hold it all together; everything you would need for a blissful night’s sleep!

When we wish upon that star this Christmas, this is really what we’ll be wishing for.

Pilates Bar

If anyone’s new to Pilates like us, you’ve probably be quite nicely surprised by the benefits it brings the body and figure. We’re in love with Pilates, and thanks to the latest release of this highly diverse Pilates Bar, we’re betting the last slice of Christmas cake that it’ll be this gift we’re kissing under the mistletoe this year.

Core Sliders

One last thing Santa, we promise to be ever-so nice next year if we find a pair of Core Sliders under the tree this Christmas. This hugely versatile piece of equipment has the ability to step up any form of exercise, and it’s all we’ve ever wanted since we watched Chloe McGregor demonstrate their mighty benefits to us.

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