The Best Ways To Look After Your Hair This Winter

The Best Ways To Look After Your Hair This Winter

The harsh, unforgiving winter weather grapples its icy claws around everything in its path, and just as the skin experiences seasonal dryness, so too do precious locks of hair. For people all over the world, a bad hair day turns into a bad hair marathon during the acute climate of the winter.

Today we’re going to be showing you how to fight the frazzle during the freeze, and how to retain as much moisture as possible during the taxing colder months. We’ve got some really great solutions lined up on offer to this problem, as well as letting you in on the Satin Secret. So, without any further delay or ado, here’s our ultimate winter hair care guide for you.

Why the Winter Damages Your Hair

The air is especially cold during the winter months, and this air and your hair most certainly won’t get along! This is because the thinner climate paired with the much colder temperatures and lower humidity will pinch every last bit of moisture from your once-saturated locks.

Many of the things we do to keep warm and comfortable in the cold ironically end up causing even more damage to the hair. For example, you might be tempted to take hotter showers, giving the steaming water even more advantage over the already sorry state of your hair. This issue is only made worse by switching frequently between the alternating climates of the chilly outdoors and the warmth of the central heating indoors; leaving the hair dehydrated, limp and lifeless.

But there are plenty of really easy and simple solutions available to you to help keep the hair healthy, rich and hydrated during the season. Many of them will only require very small changes to your current routine.

The Best Ways To Protect Your Hair

Ditch Silicone

Winter is the time of year when you really need to know what you’re putting through your hair; especially any ingredients that exacerbate dryness. The silicone in silicone-based shampoos has a naughty little tendency to build up amongst the individual strands, and can contribute towards lifeless locks.

Alcohol-based hair styling products also have a habit of drying out and frying out the hair, and are best left alone during the winter.

Trap Moisture

The trick to keeping the hair feeling alive during the dead of the winter is to trap moisture; a task that is best done when you’ve just washed your locks. The steam from the shower (more on that to come) can be exploited to keep the hair hydrated, whilst letting the hair dry naturally in this way will avoid frazzle, frizz and any split ends.

Whilst towels are handy, nothing can beat a dedicated hair turban. The design of the turban means that it can be worn easily during the everyday without getting in the way, with no slipping or sliding to be expected!

Wet Is Weak

The hair is at its most delicate when it’s wet, with hair follicles being most prone
to breakages and split ends in an overly-saturated state. In addition to this, the wetness of the hair can actually cause it to freeze if it’s exposed to really cold environments, which will only make matters worse.

Cooler Showers Are Cool

Although, as we mentioned, that temperature control might look a little more tempting whilst the frosty winter roars on outside, the extra added heat will take the hair through its paces and over its usual threshold, ultimately stripping the follicles of both the precious moisture and healthy oils.

This invasive result is really traumatic to the scalp, and it shows in dandruff. Lukewarm waters do a better job for washing the hair, even if you just turn the temperature down only when you’re washing your hair; and this trick is available all year- round!

Style Safely

When the hair isn’t wet, it’s also worth finding out what’s best in terms of hair accessories. Warm hats in winter are, of course, a basic human right and a fashion necessity, but winter air combined with hair ties that pull on the hair, kicking it when it’s already down, are off our list.

Instead, invest in things that love you, and adore your hair. There are lots of alternatives that are kinder and more gentle. Any sort of hair tie with a snag-free design is highly suggested, and don’t be afraid of using a headband either.

The Satin Secret

Satin is a non-porous material, meaning that it doesn’t absorb moisture well at all; which is good because everything else in winter is out to get you.

The Satin Secret is that if you wear satin-coated products, both your hair and your skin are better protected against the clutches of moisture thieves and acne.

Products that use this material are doing so for a very specific reason, and everyone should know about the true benefits of this special relationship.

SMUG’s Favourite Hair Care Products

Hair Scrunchie

Our Satin Hair Scrunchies are our number one suggestion for caring for winter hair. Whether you’re busy being out-and-about, or you’re tucked up in bed fast asleep, the advanced non-slip material of the scrunchie will keep the hair both hydrated and secure, and their iconic 90s-inspired look works with a variety of hairstyles from casual to evening glam.

We’ve completed our collection in a range of different colours and patterns, so there’s plenty of styles to love and adore your hair!

Satin Sleep Mask, Hair Scrunchie & Pillowcase Set

This set saturates a whole range of seriously desirable products with the Satin Secret; what a time to be alive! The selection includes a Satin Pillowcase so that you’re able to sleep in hydrated peace, a Satin Sleep mask which does an excellent job at keeping the skin looking healthy and keeping the dark out of your dreams, completed with a sumptuous Hair Scrunchie to help keep your mane maintained. The set comes complete in both pink and grey.

Bunny Spa Headband

This is one of our newest designs and we’re in love! It’s super gentle on the hair if you want to keep the hair out of your face, and it’s made from a really soft material so that it’s comfortable to wear without slicking away hydration; the bunny ears were just the cherry on top to an already darling design for a headband. The headband is also available in grey.

Sleep & Sleek Reversible Quick Dry Hair Turban

Honestly, this is next level winter hair care and is a must for anyone who wants to retain the health of their hair in the winter.

The special absorbent lining on the turban removes the need for blowdrying, and dries the hair gently and naturally to keep in moisture and humidity; all whilst staying snug and firmly secure upon the head.

As a serious upgrade to towel drying, we added a splash of colour to the dark winter months with a striking palm tree design finish.

The winter no longer needs to be met by frazzled hair or desert-dry disasters, and together we can fight back against the strain of the cold. To explore our full range of caring-for-hair hair care accessories, visit our complete collection here:

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