Snooze into Sleeptember!

Snooze into Sleeptember!


Although associated with heading back to school September is also generally a good month for new starts and returning to the routines that easily get forgotten over the summer months.  With late nights and carefree holidays starting to become a distant memory it is time to focus on good health practices and in particular the benefits of a good nights sleep. 

Organised by The Sleep Council ( Sleeptember runs throughout September and looks at the benefits of sleep and how you can achieve better sleep.  

As well as many physical outcomes from a good night's sleep, including improved memory, the release of hormones for regulating bodily functions and the rejuvenation of internal organs, sleep can also help to improve mental health and balance emotions during periods of stress.

So we may all be starting to become more educated on the many benefits of sleep but how do we put this into practice and in particular how do we get kids ready for the new school year and back to a good bedtime routine?  The sleep council have produced this great short video which will help not just get kids back on track but anyone who may have been burning the candle at both ends during the summer months. 


For more practical information and advise on good sleeping habits then visit The Sleep Councils wesbite (

Happy Sleeptember!



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