Look after your SMUG Sleep Mask, and it’ll look after you!

Look after your SMUG Sleep Mask, and it’ll look after you!

Your Sleep Mask is perhaps your most intimate piece of nightwear. It hugs your face and delicate eye area night after night, keeping the outside light away from your sweetest dreams. In fact, some may struggle to remember their last slumber without it. But our sole question here today is this: is it clean?

Of course, when they’re fresh out of the packaging, our Sleep Masks are as clean as a whistle. But after long periods of repetitive use, even this remarkable, life-saving wonder collects a little dust. And although this accumulation builds up on a microscopic level, it’s no small problem!

Sleep Mask CareBut why should you clean your Sleep Mask? The exhausting truth
of it all is that, no matter what your mask is made from - memory
foam, satin, and polyester are all in use here at SMUG - there’s no
escaping the dreaded natural oils, sweat and bacteria we’re
bound to encounter during the night. Your skin is at the top of
dirt’s Hit List, and will experience irritation and even break out’s if the fabric is left unkept.

So to keep both your sleep consciousness and your skin clear, we strongly recommend following our fool-proof guide to washing your SMUG Sleep Mask; whatever type you’ve fallen in love with.

Fortunately, washing machines aren’t invited to this cleansing party. Just to reiterate, please keep your mask away from your washing machine! The fibres really won’t thank you, and the iconic domes of our Contoured Sleep Masks won’t fare much better either.

It all starts with a rinse. We recommend running your mask under a lukewarm tap rather than rinsing it in a bowl of water. This will whisk the dirt away, rather than moving it around to another area on the fabric. Turn the tap off, and add a small amount of Non-Bio detergent, no more than a table spoon’s worth, to the fabric. It’s super important that the detergent you apply caters to sensitive skin, as this will limit the amount of future irritation.

Massage this detergent gently into the soaked mask with clean hands; nothing too vigorous as it’ll likely disturb the structure of the mask otherwise. After 5 minutes have passed, and your mask is lathered in fragrant skin-friendly detergent, turn the water back on, but make sure the temperature is cool and fresh this time. Rinse the mask again, until the detergent is fully dissolved.

Next, you’re going to want to gently squeeze out the excess water, but no wringing! This entire process is about preserving the shape and structure of your mask. Using the palms of both your hands, press outwards into the domes of the mask, and the surrounding fabric, until it’s mildly damp. Set the newly cleansed mask out on fresh towel to air-dry, and then you’re all set to go!

Because this process takes a couple of hours for the fabric to dry, we recommend cleaning it in the morning, after you wake up. That’ll give your mask enough time to air-dry before you’re next due to hit the hay.

And that’s it! We recommend following these steps up to twice a month in order to keep your mask fresh, your skin clear, and your sleep ever so undisturbed. 

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