Introducing the Satin Secret to Sleeker Sleep

SMUG Silk Sleep Masks

The relationship between the luxury material of satin, and the natural wonder that is the human skin, has been one of thorough debate. Wearers still wonder: does satin really offer any true benefit to beauty?

The hyper-successful sleepwear brand SMUG™, the creators of the original Contoured 3D Blackout Sleep Mask, definitely believe so. The brand, which exploded onto the scene following a feature on Winter Love Island 2019, have created a stunning range of luxury Satin Sleep Masks. Their original range of highly popular domed sleep masks were designed to protect the eyelashes, but their cool counterparts are here to save the skin.

SMUG Satin Sleep MasksSo here’s the million-pound question: why satin?

It’s important to remember that a sleep mask will essentially be in contact with the most important area of your skin, that of the eyes and face, for between 6 and 8 hours each night. And when we sleep, our skin forms what are known as ‘crush wrinkles’, which are the result of friction between typically rougher materials, such as cotton bedsheets, and our skin. As satin is an incredibly smooth fabric however, this friction is significantly reduced around the face, and in turn, will prevent unwanted wrinkles from waking up with you.

Satin has also been clinically proven to keep the moisture in your skin where it belongs - in your skin! Although you might assume that your house is secure

during your sleep, the real robbers are your cotton bedsheets; which will absorb the valuable moisture in your skin like a sponge. Satin on the other hand is far less porous, so you can sleep easy knowing that you’ll arise in the morning looking and feeling hydrated.

Another little-known benefit of satin is that its fibres are inherently amazing at regulating temperature. The fact that the material doesn’t absorb moisture means that it doesn’t garner heat. Keeping the temperature under the mask at a constant will result in quality, undisturbed rest night after night. And as an added bonus, satin sleep masks are far less likely to collect dirt and grease; which in turn will see their quality and cleanliness kept for far longer.

With all these incredible beauty benefits on offer, it’s no wonder that satin sleep masks are 2020’s must-have item! And with this level of research behind each of their products, the whole world is excited to see what SMUG will do next!

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