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Introducing SMUG Active

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Introducing SMUG Active

We all know the feeling after completing an amazing workout, it’s a feeling of pure elation, joy and of course, smugness.

SMUG Active was created for women all over the world, to help them to be the best version of themselves when they work out.

Smug products are created to help you prepare for your workout ahead and help you to make the most of every moment by improving your performance. From resistance bands which challenge your workout to 3D contoured eye masks, that help you get the best rest, SMUG products are made with you in mind.

Each and every one of our products is designed with style, so you can declare you SMUGness to everyone.

Going to the gym, working out and achieving your goals is something every woman should be proud of and SMUG help you say loud and proud. Each and every one of our fitness products and accessories has a simple yet stylish design with classic SMUG branding, allowing you to truly express how you’re feeling.

Fitness products and accessories have to stand the test of time and gruelling workouts which is why all SMUG Active products have been tried and tested to ensure they’re the best out there.

We have a select range of products that are made to help you achieve your very best and enjoy that SMUG feeling time and time again.

Our Favourite Products

Contoured 3D Blackout Sleep Mask

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to ensuring you reach your full potential.

The Contoured 3D Blackout Sleep Mask is designed to completely block out all light, allowing you to sleep with no light disturbance.

The mask uniquely contours around the eyes in a dome-like figure which leaves ample space around the eye area. This decreases the risk of future disruption or friction caused by deep-sleep rapid eye movement.

A bad night’s sleep can be detrimental to your workout so don’t’ let that stop you from achieving the very best SMUG workout.

SMUG Active Blackout Mask

Train & Recover Sports Resistance Loop Band

Resistance bands are an excellent accessory for your workout, allowing you to challenge and push yourself, wherever you are.

The Train & Recover Sports Resistance Loop Band is the ideal accessory for arm, leg, back, chest, shoulder and core exercises, ensuring you can achieve a full body workout. The SMUG resistance band is made from extremely durable natural latex and is able to withstand even the most intense of workouts.

SMUG Active Resistance Band
Breast Support Band

For some women, our breasts can get in the way of a great workout. From causing pain to making us feel self-conscious, our assets can have a negative effect on our fitness regime. The Boobuddy™ is a unique supportive band that holds your breasts in place during workouts.

The adjustable band works to minimise boob bounce and prevents pain which in turn increases comfort, confidence and performance.

Boobuddy Band

Beauty Accessory Bag

Us ladies don’t travel light, even when we’re just heading to the gym.

The SMUG Beauty Accessory Bag is perfect for carrying all of your makeup, beauty and fitness accessories. The wipe line lining makes it ideal for carrying damp gym clothing after a sweaty workout.

This large bag comes in a smaller, more compact travel size ideal for everyday makeup and beauty needs.

SMUG Active Large Bag

Fitness Bundle

Do you need the ultimate SMUG bundle? This fitness bundle is a collection of some of our most popular fitness accessories and includes, 1 x Train & Recover Sports Resistance Loop Band, 1x Boobuddy Breast Support Band (size medium), 2 x packs of premium Hair Ties, and a Beauty Accessory Bag.

Make your workout as SMUG and coordinated as possible with all you’d ever need for one price.

SMUG Fitness Bundle

We are proud to launch SMUG into the fitness accessory market and help women to embrace that feeling of elation and self-love after every workout. To keep up to date with our latest news and new products, please follow our social media channels on Facebook and Instagram.

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