How To Remedy An Overactive Brain At Night

How To Remedy An Overactive Brain At Night

All is quiet in the house. The lights are off, silence fills the air, and you’re all tucked in, ready for your 8 hours of glorious sleep. But there’s just one small problem: your mind is working overtime! There are many reasons as to why your brain just won’t shut off; with anxiety and an overactive imagination being our two main culprits!

Although there’s many different causes behind a restless nighttime mind, there’s equally as many remedies that are capable of calming it, so today we’d love to share with you our favourite sleep-inducing techniques:

  1. Meditate - If you’re looking to completely clear the mind, the ancient art of Meditation is absolutely the best place to start. Although it does require some practice, mastering the meditative state will allow you to quiet the mind, clear away pestering thoughts, and relieve unwanted stress.

  2. Write It Down - Putting pen to paper will help you rationalise the fears and woes that are preventing you from finding peace. Identifying the things you can control, and the things you can’t, will offer a fresh perspective of mental clarity into the causes of your anxiety.

  3. Linalool Love - Nature’s natural remedies should never be overlooked, and one that definitely deserves your attention is a wonderful alcohol called Linalool. Found primarily in the likes of Lavender, Linalool offers a powerful ability to calm the mind when inhaled. This is where a nighttime lavender-scented Pillow Spray will work absolute wonders!

  4. The 4-7-8 - Developed by Dr Andrew Weil, this simple breathing technique garners deep relaxation, and will help you drift off to sleep much faster. Next time you’re trying to find your inner-peace, breathe in through your nose to a mental count of 4, then hold your breath for 7, before exhaling through your mouth for 8. This simple yet powerfully calming technique really does need to be tried to be believed!

  5. Get Moving - When we exercise, our body releases endorphins into our system that actively work to relieve emotional distress and anxiety. It’s also a highly effective treatment for the likes of depression, and can help make you physically and mentally tired as a way to combat anxiety-related Insomnia. So if your mind’s struggling to sleep, including a simple workout at some point during your day will do so much wonderful good when it’s time for lights out.

Instead of counting sheep all night, simply count these 5 top techniques next time you’re struggling to find slumber. We personally think that there’s nothing worse than mentally-propelled Insomnia and a restless nighttime mind, which is why we put together a few small helpers; including our very own Lavender-infused Pillow Spray!

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