How To Place Self-Care At The Top Of Your 2021

How To Place Self-Care At The Top Of Your 2021

The past year hasn’t been an easy one, featuring endless lows, and increasingly rare highs. In one way or another, the chaotic fluctuations in public emotion has placed our collective mental wellbeing directly in the firing line. And after such an experience, it’s ok to say that you’re not ok.

The importance of how we’re feeling can never be overstated, as its influence manifests in every corner of our daily being. For this reason, and in timely arrival of a fresh new year, we’d like to take a moment to truly cherish the paramount importance of looking after ourselves.

The process of Self-Care can take many different forms, which is why here at SMUG HQ, our design table is constantly brimming with new and thoughtfully cultivated ideas. Here’s just some of our favourite products that’ll help you care for you:

  1. 3D Contoured Blackout Sleep Mask3D Contoured Blackout Sleep Mask - Good sleep has always gone hand-in-hand with good wellbeing, which is why we put together this total blackout Sleep Mask. When worn, you can rest easy knowing that your sleep won’t be compromised by stray beams of light; and their domed design is super eyelash-friendly too!

  2. Soothing Body WrapSoothing Body Wrap - Physical ailments play an important role in how we feel mentally, which is why it’s vital to combat pain as soon as it comes knocking at the door. Our Soothing Body Wrap is designed to do just that! Infused with naturally calming lavender oil, the wrap can be heated or cooled to treat a whole range of aches, pains and tensions.

  3. Lavender Pillow SprayLavender Pillow Spray - Did you know that lavender is packed with a very clever chemical called Linalool? The mere smell of this compound is enough to induce deep relaxation, which is exactly why we bottled its powerful properties into our latest Pillow Spray! Just a few sprays around your nighttime environment, and you’ll be deep in your dreams in no time!

  4. Looped Resistance BandsLooped Resistance Bands - Is your same old workout bogging you down? We were feeling it too, which is why we put together our extensive range of Resistance Bands. Capable of levelling up whole groups of muscles in an entirely new way, your Self-Care workout will never be quite the same again, or as rewarding!

  5. Skipping RopeSkipping Ropes - Nothing clears a troubled mind quite like a few minutes of exercise. As part of our ever-expanding SMUG Active range, our Skipping Ropes offer super accessible exercise for both the body and mind, and they require absolutely no training to get started!

Also, be sure to check out our newly launched Workout Videos on our dedicated Active website if you’re in need of some fresh inspiration or guidance;

When it’s time for TLC, it’s important to remember that it’s the little things that count. These are just some of our favourite mentally rejuvenating products, but we couldn’t recommend more that you take a peek inside our full collection to find something that’s just right for you!

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