Gym Fear? The Ultimate Guide To Exercising at Home

Gym Fear? The Ultimate Guide To Exercising at Home

You’ll be glad to hear that having a fear of a gym environment is neither uncommon nor irrational. Even though many gyms have reopened their doors and made a return back to workout classes and personal training, not everyone will be running back.

This could be for a variety of reasons, but primarily, an off-putting gym environment, and an awakened awareness around the benefits of home-based fitness are the two main drivers of this trend.

Of course, we just couldn’t believe that anyone would attend a gym with the purpose of intimidating those around them, but the fact still stands that if you’re not a regular runner on the gym scene, the mere sight of weight stacks, endless treadmills, and membership schemes can feel very scary indeed.

Why Wouldn’t You Exercise at the Gym?

Expanding on this, there are many reasons as to why someone would refrain from attending the gym:

1. Privacy

Gyms are very public places, even during the earliest workout sessions. Because of this, the presence of other people can be sometimes very off-putting. And it’s natural, if you’re trying something out for the very first time, or experimenting or learning something new, no one would blame you for wanting to be as alone as possible.

2. Prices

It’s no secret or surprise that the pandemic has left many peoples’ wallets stretched, and with this, foregoing a gym membership and the duties tied to them would only be a natural response.

3. Time

Unless you’re lucky enough to live within throwing distance of your local sweat scene, attending the gym will incur both time and effort for most people. Although this shouldn’t come as a major deterrent to determination, the pandemic has stretched some schedules as much as it has their finances.

Whatever your reason for dumping the gym, it’s completely understandable. And put it this way, before the notion of modern gyms and the creation of dedicated workout spaces, how did people exercise? That’s right, wherever and whenever they wanted; and the good news is that you can too! Personally, when we’re getting down with our physical side, we actually prefer the four walls and comfort of our own home.

What Are the Benefits of Exercising at Home?

There’s so many ways that a home workout trumps the experience of gym attendance, and there’ll be little compromise in terms of what’s available to you, and the results you’ll achieve. Here’s some of our favourite examples of this:

1. Availability 

Whatever your schedule looks like, the ability to workout from home brings great accessibility to exercising and the results it will inevitably garner. Gone are the days when you would have to get ready, leave the house, get in the car or on your bike, arrive at and enter the gym facility, exercise, then do the whole routine backwards.

We know that that’s not you! Instead, you can utilise your time much more efficiently, and you’ll regain control of your exercise schedule. And with so many homes also now doubling up as a workspace, exercising at home begins to make much more sense!

2. Comfort Level

Whether you’re a beginner or a true pro, you might be surprised by how much your routine will be able to flourish and expand whilst at home. As we briefly mentioned, exercising benefits from a high level of privacy, especially if you’re trying out new techniques, or stepping into new routines for the first time.

Any element of self-awareness is eliminated within the privacy of a home workout, which leaves the opportunity for you to try out new techniques without the fear of being judged by others.

3. No Germs

Public consciousness around the pandemic, and health in general, has experienced a sharp rise in light of global events. If you’re worried about contracting Covid-19, or in a period of self-isolation but still long for those gains, a home workout routine is just what you need.

Not that we’re here to throw dirt in anyone’s direction, but public gym spaces and the amount of body fluid you’ll inevitably encounter provides a likely danger-zone for Covid contact. So if you’re concerned about these certain elements, you’ll be happy to learn that you can still get the results you want from the safety of your own home.

4. Saves Money

You should never feel obligated to fork out for expensive gym memberships, especially during the current climate. There should never be any sort of social pressure around this subject, and by moving your workouts back to your personal space, you’ll sleep easier and workout better by knowing that you’re saving the pennies for a better cause.

Put it this way, what you’re saving on a gym membership could go instead to building your own personal collection of gym equipment; something that’s yours and yours alone! We’ve currently got this Pilates Bar and Bag Set at the top of our wish list.

5. Better Focus

Alongside better availability of time, and a higher level of comfort, home exercise allows for a higher level of concentration towards the movements, actions, and their reactions. Without the distractions of those around you, you’ll experience increased control, and more awareness towards what you want your end goal to be. If focus is definitely something you struggle with, a home workout might just be what you need.

How to Exercise From Home

There are many benefits to working out from home, but if we were to list them all, we’d be here all day! So, with so many green flags around the subject, it’s time to talk about some of the best exercises to do from home. These are some of our go-tos:

  • Skipping

Skipping will act as a really effective ingredient to any home workout recipe because, not only is it really easy to do, but the act of skipping actually engages whole groups of muscles around the body. If you’re looking for a more holistic way to train, we would absolutely recommend that you pick up a skipping rope - which actually you can do here!

  • Pilates

There’s a reason why that Pilates Bar is at the top of our wish list! What makes Pilates so very suitable for a home workout is that the movements work to connect the body and mind; as per the intentions of the sport’s creator - Joseph Pilates. It’s a really good way to relieve stress, manage your emotions, and develop your core strength; all inside a limited space. Gosh, if we weren’t writing this, we’d be doing Pilates right now! Of course, with nothing but our Pilates Resistance Bands by our side.

  • Mountain Climber

Who could believe that you’d be able to climb mountains without leaving your living room?! The Mountain Climber is a really easy and simple movement, yet works wonders for your core strength and spinal health. To begin, assume a crawl position with your hands under your shoulders, and your trusty Core Sliders placed under your feet.

Engaging your core, slide your right knee up to meet your chest, before quickly extending your leg back down. Repeat this movement again with your left knee, and continue alternating the movements for 60 seconds, keeping your back straight and your ab muscles engaged.

  • Ab Crunches

Again, this is a really fantastic movement that requires very little space to do. Ab crunches are renowned for shifting stubborn tummy fat, which is why they’re one of our favourite movements! To start, lay down on the floor; facing up with your knees bent.

Next, taking a deep breath in, you’re going to bring your shoulders up to meet your knees, engaging both your upper and lower abdominal muscles in a controlled movement. Exhaling, bring your shoulders back down to meet the floor; completing one rep.

Complete as many reps as possible within the minute, and relish the burn your core will be experiencing!

  • Resisted Lunges

For this stamina-boosting exercise, you’ll need a resistance band to hand, which you should place comfortably around your thighs; just above your knees. Leading with a foot of your choice, lunge forward so that both your knees form a 90- degree angle, but without letting the knee behind you touch the floor, or the one in front of you pass the ankle below it.

Keeping your spine straight and your hips strong, count to 10, before repeating the movement 5 times on each leg. Your resistance band will try to resist each movement, which in turn will force your hamstrings and quads to work that little bit harder, whilst also extending your endurance levels.

We do hope that we’ve managed to breathe new life into your home workout schedule, and please believe that you don’t need to be at the gym to garner the best results. Wherever you feel comfortable, that’s the best place to exercise. 

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