Fabulous Sleep Couldn't Be More Affordable

Fabulous Sleep Couldn't Be More Affordable

In the current social and economic car crash that is 2020, there’s not one person who hasn’t felt the negative impact of Covid-19. Whoever you are and whatever your livelihood, it’s impossible to escape the pinch of the pandemic.

And with headline after frightful headline, hundreds of thousands of hardworking people are losing out on a good night’s sleep; with financial worry at the forefront of many minds. In a welcomed response to this however, SMUG, the creators of the incredibly popular Contoured Blackout Sleep Mask, are now making their expanding line of products even more affordable, all thanks to their new partnership with Swedish banking giant Klarna.

Just for those amongst you who are unfamiliar with e-commerce’s new fairy godmother, Klarna allows shoppers to pay for online goods either across 3 simple instalments, or within 30 days of purchase. There’s no interest on these payments, no hidden fees, and no BS. They also host an extremely popular mobile app, which allows users to track purchases and payments easily, with access to 24/7 support. Klarna have already built strong bridges with the most popular of online shopping platforms, including ASOS, Nike and Adidas, so of course it’s only high time that SMUG joined the payment party!

It’s not that any of SMUG’s products are bank-breaking purchases, for example, when compared to the eye-watering cost of buying a house, but their new partnership with Klarna will allow their army of loyal customers to shop with added peace of mind; something that everyone certainly needs right now.

And what a time for a collaboration such as this! Although they’re synonymous withSMUG Active Pull-Up Resistance Band the word ‘sleep mask’, SMUG are by no means a one-trick-pony. In fact, shoppers can now sink their teeth into SMUG’s ever-increasing range of tried-and-tested products. Their new SMUG Active range, which covers everything from resistance bands to skipping ropes, to collapsable water bottles, has been one such new release that has already proved incredibly popular; backed of course by killer feedback from the company’s powerful cult-following.

Accessibility to great products worth investing in couldn’t receive a warmer welcome right now, and SMUG's new partnership with Klarna is a living testament to this. For two companies where only the sky’s the limit, peace of mind in shopping and sleep couldn’t be anything else but a match made in heaven.

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