Eye Want Those Lashes!

Eye Want Those Lashes!

There is no denying that eyelash extensions have taken the beauty world by storm and in recent years Instagram has been filled with images of bloggers and celebrities fluttering their perfect lashes. Whether it is for dramatic effect or a more natural look the results are certainly eye catching and can help transform any beauty look, bringing both impact and drama to the face.

If you are already a convert, or maybe you're still unsure whether to make the leap to longer more dramatic lashes, the following is designed to give you top tips when preparing to have them done as well as help maintain and prolong their life.

Firstly don't be afraid!  If you have not taken the step yet to longer lashes then you can be reassured that things have moved on - they don't ruin your own lashes and are no longer seen as being over the top. Any good salon or lash artist will require you do a patch test 24 hours prior to your extension appointment.  This will ensure there is no reaction to the glue, particularly if you have sensitive eye lids.

A top tip is to prepare for the appointment. On average it can take a good hour, depending on if you have a half set or full set of lashes done.  Therefore wear comfy clothing, no mascara and be prepared to drift off as you lay back with your eyes closed for the duration of the appointment.

Aftercare is very important to maintain the lashes and give them the best chance of staying in place.  Avoid getting them wet for the first 24 hours and try not to use any oil based make up remover. Whilst sleeping, a contoured sleep mask - available on - will protect your new long lashes, keep them in place and help them to last longer.

On average lashes applied by a professional should last 3-4 weeks and it is normal for some of the lashes to fall out during that time. If you want to keep the look then it is advised to get them redone about once a month.  Maybe start with a natural look and then build up to dramatic long curls once you gain your lash confidence!

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