The Best Gift Ideas For Someone Who Loves To Sleep

The Best Gift Ideas For Someone Who Loves To Sleep

Buying a special gift for that special someone is no sweet dream. With endless choices and possibilities, finding something that’s ‘just right’ is a task that’s easier said than done. But whoever the lucky recipient is, you can rest assured that they value the quality of their sleep very highly indeed.

Whether you find yourself ahead of the race on your Christmas shopping, or there’s a very special birthday to celebrate in your calendar, there’s some really dreamy gift ideas that you absolutely must know about:

1. Lavender Sleep Spray

This is definitely one of those products where before you try it you think “I’ll never use that”, but soon find it always within arm’s reach when you sleep. Although the Lavender Sleep Spray from SMUG is one of the newer products to enter our collection, it’s already had quite an influence on our customers.

This marvellous, small-but-mighty nighttime spray is packed with a heavenly lavender scent, which itself is flowing with a natural type of alcohol called Linalool. When this is inhaled, it promotes a level of deep calm and tranquility, which is why it’s the perfect ingredient for a sleep spray, and the perfect gift for someone who loves sleep - what a start to our list!

2. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Ah we’re so happy to finally introduce this darling project to the big wide world. If you’re staring at any kind of backlit screen before bedtime - i.e. a phone screen or a laptop - you might as well be drinking ten cups of coffee; it’s that bad for your sleep.

Exposure to blue light will manipulate the natural processes of the body into not producing the sleep hormone melatonin. What our blue light-blocking glasses do is reduce the disruptive effects of blue light. They’re not prescription glasses, so anyone can wear them and feel their benefits.

The glasses come complete with their own carrier case, lens spray and cloth, and although this is just an initial release, there’s already 4 striking designs to choose from.

3. 3D Blackout Sleep Mask

Back to where it all started! Our 3D Blackout Sleep Mask was one of our very first products we launched, and it’s already gained quite a cult following with all who love sleep. What makes the mask unique is its unparalleled ability to completely shut out stray beams of light; even in the brightest of rooms.

For those who love sleep, the one thing they hate the most is having their slumber disturbed by light. The relationship between light and sleep isn’t a good one, as scientifically, the presence of light hinders the body’s natural ability to produce melatonin and garner good quality sleep.

What’s really great about the mask’s many abilities is that they allow for it to be worn at any time of day. So whether you’re taking a quick snooze on your lunch break, or settling down for a night of undisturbed beauty sleep, if you really, really love sleep, this mask is absolutely to die for!

4. Satin Sleep Mask & Pillowcase Set

There are so many things to love about satin. The fabric is iconically smooth and silky to the touch, and in terms of sleep, satin spells fantastic news for your hair and skin. Unlike its cotton counterpart, sleeping upon satin will ensure that the precious moisture in your hair and skin is kept exactly where it needs to be.

The smoothness of the material will also help minimise the appearance of sleep lines - the deep wrinkles that appear across your skin in the morning. This is because the mask causes very little friction between itself and the sensitive skin around the eyes, an area that is most prone to this sensation of sleep lines.

So thank goodness we’ve got ourselves a matching satin pillowcase and sleep mask! Seriously, for anyone who loves sleep, they’ll be bound to love our satin sleep set too. 

5. Natural Clay Bead Hot & Cold Therapy Eye Mask

For those sleep-lovers amongst you who are searching for a more therapy- focussed mask, this is absolutely the sleep mask for you. Filled with tiny balls of natural clay, SMUG’s Therapy Eye Mask can be either heated or cooled, depending on your therapeutic needs.

What’s more, the mask is capable of offering what is known as Deep Pressure Stimulation, which essentially not only helps to block out unwanted light, but also to relieve the symptoms of sinusitis, tension headaches, and puffy eyes - a win-win!

6. Memory Foam Ear Plugs

Whether you’re a light sleeper or giving Sleeping Beauty a run for her money, there’s no escaping the things that go bump in the night; especially if you live in a busy, noisy area.

The use of ear plugs during sleep is severely underrated, but often, many find that once they’ve slept with them, they just can’t sleep without them. Our design has been finished with a special type of memory foam, to ensure that the plugs seal off the ear canal completely.

Our face masks are entirely capable of shutting out the light, and with the launch of our ear plug collection, we’re now able to shut out the ever-disturbing noises of the night too; an absolute must-have for anyone who loves undisturbed sleep! 

7. Chill & Unwind Gift Set

It can be so difficult to settle on just one gift, and we would never want to put our customers in such a difficult position. Which is exactly why we’ve put all our bestsellers into this absolute darling Chill & Unwind Gift Set!

The collection is completed with our iconic 3D Contoured Blackout Sleep Mask, our soothing lavender oil Body Wrap, a snag-free Hair Scrunchie, and an Accessory Bag to hold everything together in; finished of course in our fierce and fiery animal print pattern. The lucky recipient can rest assured that they’ll have absolutely everything they need to chill and unwind in true SMUG style.

8. Double Mask Sets

Ugh decisions, decisions, whenever will they end! Let’s face it, our SMUG sleep masks are great standalone products, but they each do very different things. Our 3D Contoured Blackout Sleep Mask is synonymous with being eyelash-friendly, whilst its cousin, our Satin Sleep Mask, is a go-to for moisture protection. And we totally get it, sometimes you want cake, and sometimes you want pie.

Which is exactly why we’ve put two and two together, quite literally, in our newly released twin Sleep Mask Set. There’s lots of matching pairs to choose from, and because we love our customers more than life itself, we’ve even thrown a matching Accessory Bag into the mix. And just between you and us, we think our cherry blossom pattern is our favourite pair right now!

9. Flat Lay Travel Bag

You’ll never achieve peaceful sleep without peace of mind, and that’s exactly what our brand new Flat Lay Travel Bag brings to the table. When closed, this bag is the easy-to-carry stylish, secure travel bag of your dreams, but when opened out flat, the bag also doubles up as a practical work surface with all of the contents being easy to reach and accessible. And you won’t be losing sleep over security either, as the bag also comes complete with two zipped compartments.

Oh, and did we mention that the lining on both the inside and outside of the bag is completely wipeable? Travel in style and sleep in peace with this travel companion by your side. 

10. Soothing Body Wrap

Nothing is more debilitating to the act of sleep than physical pain. Being unable to lie down comfortably or rest peacefully shouldn’t be an experience endured by anyone, which is why our Body Wrap deserves a mention on this list. The wrap itself is filled with wheat that can be either cooled or heated depending on your needs, and is anointed with lavender oil to induce a deep sense of calm and relaxation.

We’ve created two different designs for the wrap, one in a wild animal print, and another in a cool cow print pattern, and they’re here to show that pain, stress and tension deserve no place in our sweetest dreams.

This list was just so difficult to compile, it’s tricky to chose between your favourites. And please, please remember that whoever you’re buying for and whatever your situation, all of our products across the SMUG collection are available to purchase via monthly Klarna payments. And if you want to really surprise that special someone, we’d be more than happy to wrap your gift in its very own luxury gift box too!

To view our full collection of sleep-tastic products, click here.

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