A Guilt Free Guide to Self-Indulgence

A Guilt Free Guide to Self-Indulgence

Being a modern woman is a struggle at the best of times. The daily drudgery of work, studying, or motherhood is a recipe for burning ourselves out – and we do, a lot. So, what do we do when we need a boost? Often, we follow the self-destructive path of Netflix binges, ice cream, and day-long naps that ruin our sleeping pattern for the week.

There’s a very fine line between self-love and self-sabotage. If you’re looking to indulge without gorging on a weeks’ worth of rest, calories and budget - consider some ways to counter toxic “treat yo’self” mentality.


Re-arrange your rooms.

Feng Shui isn’t just superstition. You might not prescribe to crystals and Buddha statues, but many elements of the pseudoscience have been known to boost moods. Simple changes like moving your bed to the centre of the room and opening walkways up can completely change the vibe of your home.


Buy yourself flowers.

Cut out the middle man and buy yourself a bouquet of your favourite blooms. They’re guaranteed to make you smile every time you walk by. Better yet, buy some low-maintenance potted plants or herbs and cultivate them on your windowsill. Not only will seeing greenery influence your mood, you’ll have a mild sense of accomplishment for upkeeping them.


Lay out PJ’s before you leave the house.

Coming home after a long day is a wonderful feeling. But sometimes our homecoming splendour is ruined by traces of the hectic morning that wee left behind. I’m talking make-up strewn on the vanity, rejected outfits scattered around, and the duvet begrudgingly thrown to the floor in disgust at the sound of an alarm. You might not have time to have the room spotless, but if you make your bed and lay out some cosy PJ’s you’ll feel much better for it.



There’s a reason why we spend so much money on perfumes. Good smells breed good vibes. Try plug in air fresheners to smile the moment you’re through the door. Make a point of washing your sheets with scent boosters more often. Light candles and turn your bedroom into your personal spa.


Try writing.

You don’t have to be Bridget Jones or Wordsworth to put pen to paper. A lot of women are put off by the notion of splurging their innermost secrets onto a page or trying to create a Shakespearian masterpiece. Writing can be anything you want it to be. Write stories, lists, or even just make a detailed plan for the week ahead. Writing in any form can relieve stress and help you to gather your thoughts.

Learn something new.

Whether it’s reading a book on a topic you’ve always been interested in or going to a salsa class, expanding your mind it an incredibly therapeutic thing to do. Not only will you enjoy yourself, you’ll become more well-rounded. If, like me, you dread the classic ‘what do you do in your spare time?’ question – you’ll love having an extra talking point.

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