Why Face Coverings are Still Necessary in a Post-Lockdown World

Why Face Coverings are Still Necessary in a Post-Lockdown World

Face coverings have rapidly become a symbol of the new decade. And throughout their newfound place in our daily lives, they’ve come to represent much more than just a simple form of PPE, but rather, our collective effort in fighting the deadly Covid-19 pandemic.

But as the number of new cases continues to fall around the world - the UK alone announced 516 new cases as of the 6th July, compared to the 901 reported exactly a week earlier - we need to open the discussion as to why face coverings should remain a vital part of our society, especially in this uncertain time, when the world is finally coming up for air.

To answer the question of why they’re necessary, we must first address how face SMUG Face Coverings
coverings work. Firstly, they prevent the inhaling of harmful airborne particles through the mouth or nose. The fine fibres of the mask create convoluted pathways through which the air you breathe must travel. Harmful particles become trapped by the complexity of the fabric by way of di
ffusion, internal impaction and interception; thus protecting the wearer. Secondly, they also reduce the amount of harmful particles someone expels into the air around them, often through sneezing or coughing; a common symptom of Covid-19.

So why should we continue to wear coverings, even though cases are on a downwards dive? The first truth is that even though the number of cases are falling, there still remains no real cure for the virus. The current target to develop such a cure is currently at least, 18 months away from commercial use. This means that the virus is still very much as deadly as it's ever been, and why essentially now is not the time to let our guard fall.

There has also been substantial evidence that the wearing of face coverings has significantly aided the control of new cases, especially within high density areas, as wearers are protecting others just as much as they’re protecting themselves. A single cough can launch up to 3,000 droplets up to 6 feet away, whilst the simple act of speaking can prove deadly if the mouth remains uncovered. The factors that contribute to the physical spread of Covid-19 are therefore greatly reduced if a covering is present.

And if properly maintained and applied, face coverings hold the ability to cultivate a healthier society. They’re currently adept in the fight against Covid-19, but are also extremely capable of preventing the contraction of other airborne diseases, alongside the inhaling of unwanted everyday pollutants. Imagine the amount of illnesses, active and dormant, that we as a collective society could prevent the spread of, if we all joined together to make face coverings a staple of our daily lives?

This is exactly why we have added a colourful array of face coverings to our shop, focusing on user comfort, UV protection, durability and stability. We hope that our new product will cultivate awareness to the long-term use of face coverings; a powerful contribution to our joint efforts against the Coronavirus pandemic.

So smile as the world is on the mend, but just be sure that it’s from behind your new SMUG face covering!

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