Secret Santa Satin Sleep Mask & Pillow Spray Set - Frosted Cherry Print

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It's that time again, the jumpers are on, the tree is up, the snow is coming (apparently)... it's Christmas! We have the ultimate gift set to answer all of your Secret Santa prayers. Whether it's for your bestie, your fam or that co-worker that you don't really know that well; we have you covered.

Sleep is essential, especially the little of it that you get during the party season, so this set with gorgeously soft satin sleep mask alongside our heavenly, hypnotic sleep spray really is the gift that keeps on giving!

SAVE £11 compared to buying the same two products separately.

Satin Sleep Mask
Our lightweight, sleep-inducing mask allows your pores to breathe, keeping your skin radiant, reducing any irritation or redness around your eyes and increasing firmness (ie. less wrinkles!)

Colour: light blue with cherry and snowflake print

Lavender Pillow Spray
Promotes calmness and wellness helping you to relax, unwind and be transported to a state of serene tranquility. Perfect for home or away, to help your mind switch off and transcend you to a peaceful bedtime oasis, wherever you may be.

Size: 75ml