SMUG Celebrates World Sleep Day 2021

SMUG Celebrates World Sleep Day 2021

How lucky are we that this year World Sleep Day is welcomed by the beginning of a weekend? And we hope that you’ll be joining our snoozing celebrations of this very important annual occasion. This year’s slogan is “Regular Sleep, Healthy Future”, advocating the great influence that regular sleep holds in improving global health; both physically and mentally.

So to help you relax into a soothing flood of Melatonin, we’d like to share some of our own secrets that have allowed us to reap the benefits of beneficial sleep. There’s two important factors to remember when striving to a healthy future through enjoying regular sleep.

Sleep SMUG on World Sleep Day 2021

Reduced sleep is what happens when you cut corners from those holy 8 hours, and the result of which has be proven to significantly reduce cognitive function. Poor sleep however is much more concerned about the quality of your slumber, and if this experience in itself is poor, so too will be your mental
health. Insomnia has routinely been linked with the development of clinical depression.

Although the impact of these two critical aspects are very different from each other, they both form the foundation for a much wider biological process to take place. Therefore if we want to curate a healthy future not only for ourselves, but also those around us, we must marry together these two functions and implement them thoroughly into our routines.

To do just that, here’s 5 powerful tips to enjoy a better kind of sleep:

1. Set a Routine - Your brain and body thrive off routine, so try to go to bed and wake up at around the same hour every day, and the process will become much more effortless.

2. Block Out Light - Light and Melatonin really don’t get along, and the production of this all-important sleep hormone takes place best when your surrounds are as dark as possible.

3. Get Comfortable - Set up your surrounding to be a little more ‘you’, as the very last thing that you’ll be doing if you’re uncomfortable is sleeping.

4. Make Yourself Tired - Exercise is a great way to do this, and it can also alleviate both sleepless skeletal and muscular tensions. Here’s a few you can actually do from your bed!

5. Don’t Over-Nap - If you’re a busy go-getter and a fan of napping during the day, make sure you don’t indulge beyond 45 minutes of shut-eye at any individual time, as this will interfere with your experience of those 8 hours during the night.

By understanding and listening to the natural needs of the human body, we can harness the power of sleep to significantly better our experience of life. So many variables are strongly interlinked with our sleep, and we hope that after World Sleep Day, these variables will work together much better to improve your future quality of life.

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